“Standing up to the separatists’

Further to Theresa May’s rambling accusatory electioneering attack in Downing Street the other day, after a visit to Buckingham Palace where her paranoid rabid visage, and confidential briefing update on Brexit, were so frightening that she scared one of the poor old souls into retiring (no Atos assessment for him, his benefit is fixed for life) one phrase from her speech rings an alarm bell for those of a self-determining Scotland mindset.

“Standing up to the separatists who wish to tear our country apart”.

Following on directly after she had made reference to extremists and division, inferring a link, the use of this phrase makes you wonder what exactly she means by ‘standing up to”?

How far is she prepared to go to stop the rightful democratic will of a country being exercised?

Clearly democracy as a concept, when it comes to the constitutional arrangements of the component nations of her precious Union, doesn’t really come into her way of thinking.

The Goddess of Greed,worshipped widely at Tory temples of avarice before her, Baroness Thatcher, used the jiggery pokery of the 1979 devolution referendum (thanks again for that late Scotland Act amendment to Labour MP of that era George Cunningham. We may well have progressed to independence a while ago without it) once she took power,to completely disregard the question of Scottish self-determination. Thatcher saw the Scottish people as too weak to control their own affairs if they couldn’t be bothered enough to turn out in huge numbers to vote on such a subject,even though democratically Yes had won the vote.

Theresa the appeaser. Is using the result of the 2014 referendum in the same way. No matter that it was won on false pretences, reneged upon vows, subsequent actions to force Scotland to do something against its democratic will, and much altered geopolitical landscapes

Once this fabled and nausea inducing Strong’ and ‘Stable’ increased majority kicks in, should her dreadful right- wing gang of elitists be returned with a larger majority in June, how far is she prepared to go to stop Scotland having it’s say?

There is a school of thought that, despite all of the withering misery inflicted on Scotland by Thatcher, miffed that we’d taken the bait on the right to buy scheme but yet still despised her, figures like Scottish Secretary George Younger managed to talk her down from some of her more outlandish plans for the Scottish people, although the same couldn’t be said for the likes of the loathsome Michael Forsyth.

Can you see Viceroy Mundell or Ruth (who is a Tory, most definitely a Tory) Davidson of the Ruth Davidson Party standing up to May when it comes to any spite she might want to inflict on what she sees as a distant troublesome region, a region which is trying to endanger the very fabric of the elitist lifestyle she and her like hold dear?

Can you see these weak careerists having any restraining influence, particularly once the real impact of Brexit hits, when she no longer can blame the EU for her own economic vandalism and the ills of her government’s incompetence, and she’s looking for someone else to point the finger at?

No, me neither.

Self-government is the only way out of this. Scotland will be oh so much better once it takes the step of becoming an independent country.


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