Carry On Brexit

At last, in a time when currently unelected Prime Minister Theresa May insists on secrecy in most things, including the location details of many of her election campaign events, the Conservative and Unionist Party have finally made their strategy for the upcoming ‘B’ word negotiations public.

Sadly there is nothing new or progressive about their strategy. It seems to follow a pretty worn path stretching back to the days of Raj, and beyond, and appears to adhere to the adage of when in doubt, under pressure domestically, and in need of a major diversion to move the spotlight away from your own inadequacies, stoke up nationalist fervour amongst the peasantry by fabricating an insult from some untrustworthy swarthy garlic-smelling foreigners you need to negotiate with, start a good old fashioned conflict with them,verbal or otherwise, and hope for the best.

I don’t know what planet Theresa May is on, but having watched her latest rendition of Rule Britannia outside number 10, following a visit to the old lady of London whose birthdays last 6 months, to formally advise her that the government has been dissolved (in water might have been a better outcome) prior to the General Election, she seems to be starting to unravel a wee bit, and paranoia is rearing its head.

In a move worthy of her tanned narcissistic misogynist best friend across the pond, with one stroke she’s effectively managed to blame the European Union for the future disastrous consequences of a decision that Britain alone has made, whipped up the knuckle draggers of a UKIP disposition into a flag waving orgy of even more hatred towards Brussels, stabbed Jezza Corbyn sharply atween the een yet again with her continuing monotonous ‘Strength’ and ‘Stability’ mantra (somebody really needs to say stop, enough is enough with the two S’s Theresa), and she’s made it clear that she holds us ‘separatists’ in the same contempt as she does extremists. I think we can safely say that as the miners and steelworkers were considered by Thatcher as “the enemy within”, we can expect, under a May government with a larger majority, that we shall be considered so too, as if we didn’t know that already.

I nearly heaved up a chip hearing her wild allegations that the EU are trying to undermine her election prospects, and unsettle the plebs, and especially after her sending them such a nice letter too, and wanting to remain friends (looking for benefits without freedom of movement or paying for them).

I still don’t understand the warped logic, that she keeps reinforcing so it catches with the section of voters who form opinions by being subjected to sound bite rote, that somehow an increased domestic majority gives her a stronger bargaining position with EU Commissioners. How does the one relate to the other? It must do though, because she tells us it does.

I forecast much face palming and shaking of heads in the chambers of power on the European mainland for many months to come. The three amigos charged with taking the UK out of the biggest free trade bloc on the planet, and making a success of it, are a national liability, and very soon will be a disgrace.

Independence is the only way out of this for Scotland. It is coming.


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