Keeping it real

There is something reassuring, revitalising and reinvigorating about seeing Nicola Sturgeon go about her election campaign business in Scotland, that reinforces for us, as committed advocates for an independent Scotland, that we are entirely on the right track, and that we will prevail.

Not, as the Express or Mail or Scotsman would have you believe, through a sense of hero worship or sinister cultism, no, not even as SNP members for many of us, or of any political party for that matter, but as observers of a genuine person being greeted by her fellow human beings, who happen to be Scots, born or new, who clearly and unequivocally recognise in her a warm, caring individual who is sincere in her determination to do, politically, all that she can, against all comers, to improve the lives of the people she represents.

Whether she is visiting a children’s nursery, and getting a real sense of joy and fun out of interacting with little people who express themselves in basic honest ways, or meeting and greeting ‘real’ folk in busy streets, talking with anyone who wants to speak to her, stopping for selfies every time they are requested, chatting with stall holders, receiving and returning hugs and cuddles, and exchanging quiet private words with grandmothers, with real affection, honesty and warmth. She is one of us.

There must be a legion of wee lassies growing up Scotland at the moment looking at her and Mhairi Black and thinking, I could do that, I want to be like that.What an inspiration for them.

Contrast this with Theresa May’s robotic approach. She wouldn’t know a real person, who hadn’t been security vetted, filled in two questionnaires, submitted copies of their share portfolios, and shown their fully paid up membership card of the Tory party, if he or she jumped up in front of her saying good morning Theresa, I’m a swing voter, let’s hear your patter.

Like a daily well-financed soap opera her entirely false and contrived campaign floats from one fully paid up activist crowd scene in a locked up secure venue hard-to-get-to somewhere near you, to another, with Sky News and the BBC bending over backwards to tell you how successful her day has been, how she is really getting out there and hearing the problems of real people, problems that her newly acquired strength and stability come June 9th will allow her to tackle more successfully, in her 1950’s way.

The woman is wooden, colourless, with the charisma and charm of a deep water clam. The forces of the Great British media propaganda factory have a challenge on their hands trying to make her look warm and caring. It must be like trying to convince turkeys that Bernard Matthews really was a nice man.

Meanwhile social media presents you with the reality, thank heavens for camera phones, of these faked events. As the ‘popular’ Prime Minister is driven away away at high speed in her secure convoy from each venue, real people, not criminals or political activists, just normal everyday working folk, gather at the entrances to boo or shout ‘Shame on you’ as she passes. Really, the UK in the 21st century isn’t too far away from a George Orwell bad dream. Propaganda has always been a very useful tool to control public opinion but my goodness they are stretching it to the absolute limit now.

Scotland will indeed be so much better as an independent outward looking progressive country. Let’s make that happen.


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