Fair and impartial?

My goodness how obvious can the state broadcasting service and their print media friends be when it comes to their manipulation of political, and in this case criminal,news reporting in Scotland?

It is no consolation to anyone that a lot of our friends down south are now recognising from the treatment of Jeremy Corbyn that there may just be something in this BBC bias lark after all. But I think we in Scotland can resist the temptation to say ‘we told you so’.

Just imagine a scenario where David Mundell or Ruth Davidson had received a suspect package in the mail through their constituency office, and another was discovered in the mail room of the Scottish Tory HQ, and a third suspect package arrived at the offices of a Tory led Council?

The place would be in uproar. The anti-Cybernat frenzy would be in overdrive. There would be at least a week’s worth of rabid reporting made out of it.

The usual suspects (Deerin,Torrance et al) would be battering out withering pieces calling on Nicola Sturgeon to do something, and do it now, to stop the evil separation-crazed lunatics from splitting families, breaking up lifelong friendships, and causing general mayhem.

There would be a Reporting Scotland special harping back to the 1970’s and 80’s and the ragtag fringe extremist SNLA and the ‘Tartan Army’ before that term was anything to do with football.

There would be tear streaming Kleenex inducing interviews with the admin assistant who discovered the package.

There would be four page spreads in the weekend version of the Hootsman highlighting every Tweet and Facebook comment, which could be construed as personal and derogatory, made about unionist politicians, and written by inebriated midnight keyboard jockeys

There would be exclusive news interviews with millionaire children’s book writers, bra uplifters and overdramatic quasi-historians telling us all about how they’ve suffered and/ or why they had to quit Scotland because of this sort of stuff.

We’d have a teatime news report set around a candid interview with the Chief Constable of the Scottish Police Force which would somehow be manipulated to blame it all on the SNP for centralising the police service in the first place.

There would be a five minute slot on the prime time national UK news with a London based reporter sent up to Edinburgh or Glasgow to produce a well edited slot highlighting a ‘cross section’ of views on the incidents of the general public wandering along Princes Street or Sauchiehall Street on a Saturday morning.

We’d only hear the views of those who had attended Fettes College , Hutcheson Grammar or George Watson’s College though, with perhaps the words of one wee local woman with a broad accent to provide balance, local colour and an inference of the cringe.

By stark contrast the media in Scotland have bent over backwards this week in their reporting to make as little connection between criminal behaviour and the actual intended recipients of the packages, representatives of the SNP, as is possible. On most occasions in fact their reporting did not even mention which party the politicians involved were from. Any mention of the incidents was way down the list of headlines, and included almost as a begrudged afterthought to avoid criticism.

This stuff has clearly gone way beyond any possibility of being just a conspiracy theory. Even after everything that has gone before in the last five years they just cant find their way to be balanced.

The only solace we can take is that thankfully nobody was injured or hurt during these incidents.

The media? They can go back to dragging up Jim Murphy’s egg yolked shirt on a three monthly basis, that was clearly a more important story.

If you don’t believe that the British State broadcaster and the mainstream right wing media in the UK are entirely committed to the preservation of the Union please let me know, I’ve got an all-inclusive holiday to Loch Ness with a guaranteed sighting of Nessie I’d like to sell you.


One thought on “Fair and impartial?

  1. I honestly think if this had happened to a yoon party, people would have been arrested, who knows who, anyone? and in fact they would have closed down the Scot parliament for a few hours, swept the place clean and put massive security there to protect the yoons from the evil nats! I wonder tho, if their ploy is to plant some dodgy package at a yoon office, to make it look like retaliation, put nothing past them. Good article btw.


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