‘Strong and stable’

The Conservative and Unionist Party, who govern Scotland from Westminster.

Determined,above all other objectives, to keep the Establishment of the United Kingdom ‘strong and stable’.

Dedicated to ensuring that the elite, the multi-millionaires, the corporations, the privileged, the so-called (and misnamed) ‘wealth creators’,who for accuracy’s sake should be described as ‘wealth accumulators’, remain ‘strong and stable’.

Sworn to smoothing the corporate way, maintaining ‘strong and stable’ institutional conduits to redistribute the wealth of a union of nations from the many to the few.

Committed to maintaining a ‘strong and stable’ boot on the throat of the poor, the disadvantaged, the sick, the disabled, the vulnerable, the unemployed, the aged, the under-waged, working families, single parents,adults under 25, ethnic minorities, immigrants,refugees, and those who meet with hard times or misfortune, to ensure that the 1% continue to thrive.

This is a political party, who in order to maintain their ‘strong and stable’ control, inflict withering planned austerity measures, necessary only to them, to meet their selfish needs, slashing welfare benefits for those in dire need, asking rape victims to prove they were raped to claim money to feed a child born as a result, taking mobility and a sense of independence away from the disabled, throwing thousands into poverty, through the doors of Food-banks, and in desperation, into the hands of pay day loan companies.

Theresa May, ad nauseam, parrot fashion, like a CD stuck on repeat, her every utterance agreed with by her Scottish acolyte Ruth Davidson, offers, in her pitch to you for your vote in the General Election in June, the prospect of the Conservative Party’s view of a ‘strong and stable’ government. If you consider the politics of the last two years, and the internal machinations, investigations and allegations made within that party, the phrase strong and stable can hardly be further from the truth, which explains why a snap General Election has been called out of the blue.

I know you may be doing well, you may have a nice house, you change your car on a regular basis, you’ve got some savings, and like a holiday once or twice a year, you’ve worked hard, you’ve earned it, but, please don’t vote for them. If you do, dark times are coming.

What if you should fall ill, what if you should become unemployed, or suffer the bereavement of the main breadwinner in the family?

You are then useless to the party of ‘strong and stable’ government. You are not producing wealth for them, you become a financial burden, a reduction in profit, a subclass to be ignored where possible, and denied basic human needs and rights to the extent that they feel society will let them get away with without baulking too much at their selfish cruelty.

Please don’t do it, your conscience is strong and stable. It won’t let you.


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