Self belief

The polls are indicating a possible increase in support in Scotland for the Tories on the back of two factors, the deathbed choking rattle of Labour, and the single policy of a pledge to stop independence.

It staggers me, after all the Tories, and latterly New Labour, have done to Scotland to hear statements like “I can’t stand that Sturgeon, Labour and the Tories have destroyed the country but I couldn’t vote for her. We are too wee, the industry is all away, and it’s not coming back”.

I don’t see it myself but what is it about Nicola Sturgeon that perfectly rational, decent working folk would find to dislike?

To my way of thinking Nicola Sturgeon is far less polarising in her outlook and the way she presents herself than Alex Salmond, whom I also admire, but I can understand those who perceive his confidence and articulation as arrogance.

Is independence seen as such a huge threat to standards of living, savings and pensions in a country which, if it doesn’t become independent, will,in around three years time, suffer from its master’s self-inflicted economic vandalism on a scale likely to trigger a recession which will take many years to get out of?

Are there really so many Scots around that are comfortably off with an I’m alright Jack, it’s not my problem, attitude? Are they resentful about the likes of free prescriptions for all, and free tertiary education? Do they believe the media negativity about the Scottish NHS when clearly over the last few years it is head and shoulders better in many of the key indicators than it’s southern version?

Are there enough of them that aren’t touched by austerity measures in some way? Many of us lived through the worst excesses of the Thatcher years. Some would say things are starting to look worse now than even then.

The Trussell Trust which operates Foodbank services across the country, including a network of 52 Foodbanks in Scotland, have just released their report for 2016/17.

That report tells us that the number of Scots receiving emergency three day supplies of food for that period was around 145,000, including 47,995 children, a rise of 9% on the previous year. Just think about that for a minute.

You live in a country rich in natural resources, with a world class food and drink sector, with innovative new technology in energy renewal with the potential to boom, creating a new and lucrative source of revenue from exports. These are advantages other countries can only dream about. Yet nearly 150,000 times in a single financial year citizens of your country were at the extreme stage of desperation where they had to attend a Foodbank to fill their, and their children’s bellies.

I can’t believe , in fact I refuse to believe, that the people of Scotland would vote in large numbers for the party that wants women who have been raped to prove it in order to receive benefits to feed a child born as a result. I refuse also to believe the people of Scotland will vote in large numbers for a party that uses the excuse of perpetual ‘austerity measures’ to slash disability payments to the sick and vulnerable, whilst giving corporations huge tax incentives to protect profits.

If it does happen, I fear that three hundred years of Scottish cringe and propaganda has done its job, the cash cow will continue to fund the Great British Swindle, and no, Scotland will never amount to much.


5 thoughts on “Self belief

  1. This isn’t the Scotland that I know 😦
    Before you go ahead and throw your country down the drain with the Tories, have a wee think about everything we’ve done as a country to resist the Tory rule.
    Is a “possible” independence referendum that “might” happen one day in the “future” enough for you to spite yourself, your children, the disabled and the poor?
    I pray that when you finally arrive at the ballot box they won’t go through with this

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  2. Nicola threatens a belief structure that is based on fiction, the ideal of Great Britain. This belief is so strong that these fantasist can not see the flaws i.e everything is OK. This belief structure is held together by the media, Westminster politicians and by the State. We have done well so far nibbling away at the edges of this belief but we now need to dig deeper and bring in new tactics to overcome this hurdle.

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  3. Scotland; always happy to be on the losing side?
    Too wee to think for itself?
    Too stupid to be independent?
    Brainwashed with football, television, cigarettes and booze?
    A great place for a holiday?
    A great place to leave?
    Maybe all of these and more.
    But, also, a place of dogged determination and inspiration. We’re no dead yet, and we never will be. Wake up, there’s work to be done.
    Wake up.

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  4. Just the Scottish Cringe! Same as that which makes parents correct the kids when they use Scottish words, or join in with wee jokes about our diet, meanness, fondness for drink….Sad.


  5. This is exactly how I feel Ally. Only yesterday I spoke with my elderly aunt who hates Nicola with a vengeance. “Why?” I asked, “Why, what is it about her that gets you so enraged?”
    D’you know what? I couldn’t get an asnwer. I couldn’t get a logical reason for this ingrained ahtred of the most able of politicians – by a country mile – over the clowns in our current cabinet.
    “Aye Nicola is maybe the best, because we’ve no’ got any good politicians any more.” ButI’m still going to stick by the Etonian elite who continue to shaft us at every turn, “Because I hate Nicola’s arrogance.”
    I just don’t get it. I just don’t get this myopic vision that it’s a’ wee Nic’s fault, “Salmond’s trained her well.” FFS!
    What I DO get is that they have no credible response when questioned.
    I wonder if this is the result of saturation right-wing media coverage.
    Tell someone they’re an eejit often enough and they immediately run doon tae Slaters for the village idiot costume.


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