A snap decision?

Where do you start with that news? As the word filtered through yesterday that Theresa May was due to step out of her Downing Street front door imminently for a very important announcement to the public I first thought aw naw, some poor war-torn community somewhere in the Middle East, currently and temporarily occupied by religious radicals with Kalashnikovs, is about to be flattened into crumbling dust, or perhaps she’s flipped and is sending a battlegroup to reinforce the Ego of the free world’s exercise in poking an insane hornet with a big pointy shitey stick on the Korean Peninsula.

Taking the BBC talking head and the assembling hacks completely by surprise she fairly charged at the podium in a rush, earlier than her allotted time, as if in a breathless haste, with a need to tell us something. Theresa May, Prime Minister of the rightest of right wing Tory governments, so right wing in fact that her party is absorbing UKIP, couldnae wait to get the words General Election out of her mouth, like a release valve.

Call me a cynic but I can’t help wondering if perhaps this sudden snap election, with blanket secrecy surrounding it, has been part of the grand plan since she first got the job of trying to sell the British public the plan that the political equivalent of shooting yourself in the head after cutting your own nose off to spite your face, preceded by hammering a six inch nail through your left eyeball, is actually the best thing for the country.

What a move.Say bugger all, and grin, for the best part of ten months other than “Brexit means Brexit’ or “It’ll be a red, white and blue Brexit” or the nose-growingly cringeworthy “My government won’t trigger Article 50 until we’ve come to an agreement with our partner devolved governments which satisfies us all”, rush headlong, like a one-eyed shortsighted bull in a branch of Specsavers, towards sending the EU a divorce letter (after fending off the law of the land) watched with glee as the machinations of the official opposition turn into a loose adaptation of the Borgias, and then launch a raid for purely party political purposes to wipe out your opposition, giving you a free hand to do whatever you damn well want to.

They’ve probably been preparing for this for months. To their way of thinking this strategy will kill an entire flock of birds with one stone. The Polis, who have been considering whether to announce themselves by making their customary chap at the door, before smashing it in, at Tory party HQ over “accounting errors’ from the last General Election, will likely put that file away in the filing cabinet marked ‘dust and cobwebs’, members of the front bench parliamentary Labour Party will spend the next 7weeks trying to position themselves as the next leader when the token real socialist has to bite the bullet, whilst pulling the knives out of his back, standing aside following the horrible reality dawning of a large Tory majority heralding in an unprecedented postwar period of rightwing domination of an extreme nature never before considered possible in what is supposed to be a modern democratic UK.

I nearly lost my custard cream coming back up my throat when she uttered the phrase (whilst displaying that creepy blank and dark facial expression that she has that she thinks portrays sincerity) “The country is coming together but Westminster is not.” She’s delusional. Surely, in reality there cannot have been a time in the UK in living memory where there are actually so many divided opinions coming into play.

The boak came very close to striking again when she decided she’d blame Brexit dissenters of the elected, and unelected (mostly put there by her party) kind for all woes, saying ” I’m not prepared to let them endanger the security of millions of working people around the country”.

Wow! We really have woken up in a parallel alternative universe of George Orwell’s making, where words and statements have double meanings, where the truth doesn’t matter, where governments have no compunction about saying one thing whilst doing the absolute opposite.

The only people who have endangered the security of millions of working people is her bunch of upperclass, public school educated, elitist, semi- fascist millionaire pals who arrogantly and incompetently are destroying relationships with those with the markets for the goods and services working people produce, and making arrangements to repeal legislation which protects working people’s rights, their job security and their health and safety. If you believe that nonsense coming out of her mouth you deserve each other.

In Scotland she thinks this General Election announcement will buy her time, fending off another independence referendum, but in that, like others, I think she’s made an error. Barring a complete disaster ( look out SNP MP’s, your private lives and finances are just about to be all over the papers again, and us Cybernats are in for another hammering as the durty tricks play book gets opened) the SNP will have a huge majority in Scotland. Even if they lose a few constituencies they will still have a massive mandate for a decisive referendum. After all Theresa May surely can’t play the ‘now is not the time’ card now, or deny the SNP ‘s mandate when she is looking to do the same thing in England to strengthen her hard Brexit approach? There would be public outcry at as clear a denial of democratic rights as we’d have seen in at least the last century and a half.

Early on we’ve already started hearing some of the old Labour ‘ a vote for the SNP is a vote for the Tories’ and the outdated ‘ If Scotland doesn’t vote Labour it lets the Tories win’. This stuff is nonsense, we all know that. It doesn’t matter a toss what Scotland votes, England decides who the government of the UK will be. That’s why we need change in the first place.

For June 8th it couldn’t be more clear. You either want to live in an outward progressive social democratic country, which put its citizens at its centre, with social justice and equality as key values, or the alternative, post-Brexit Empire 2.0, which doesn’t bear thinking about. Heaven help you if you choose that path.

Make the 8th June the very last UK General Election where the votes of the people of Scotland are of no significance or relevance to the outcome.


One thought on “A snap decision?

  1. I’m disappointed that the SNP have not made this election the mandate for declaring independence rather than just the excuse for another referendum.
    Right now Westminster will have its hands full of internal strife, us, and NI.
    After the election, they will have access to their full bag of dirty tricks and only us to worry about.
    The SNP have not been bold enough IMO.


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