It must be right, it’s in the papers

The news media in the UK have a lot to answer for.

In my earlier blog last week’Bonkers’ (5 April 2017) I posited (following the Axis stirrers of hate of Fleet Street winding the southern populace up about Spain’s views on Gibraltar) that thankfully there was no World Cup finals on the horizon, which would result in hails of flying plastic chairs, beer bottles and spilled blood featured from whichever local town would be closest to where ‘Our Boys’ would be playing as a result.

This week, regrettably, English football fans in Madrid have proved the point, amid chants of ‘Gibraltar is ours..”

Contrast this with the behaviour the night before of German fans, finding that supporters of their French opposition were going to be stuck in their country for an extra day following the postponement of a Champions League match due to an act of suspected terrorism, they stepped up on a large scale, offering food, shelter and hospitality in the spirit of friendship, common interests and camaraderie.

The likes of the Mail and Express have relentlessly pumped out British nationalist bile for years against anything or anyone that doesn’t comply with their increasingly warped tightening red, white and blue view of the world, and unfortunately their readership believe the nonsense they spout, whether it be about immigrants, asylum seekers, overbearing Eurocrats or uppity treasonous Jocks.

I was reading an article, this time in The Independent, which really demonstrated to me how relentless fake news can influence even the most reasonable of people’s views on how things are in the world around them.

In an otherwise excellent piece by Rachael Revesz praising Nicola Sturgeon and her commitment to feminism and equality, an article which should be commended for acknowledging the existence of British nationalism and it’s context with regards to Brexit, I was much perturbed to read Ms Revesz’s words, in reference to her views on the First Minister being the leading proponent of self determination, that she was ” still worried about independence, including falling oil prices, risking a stable currency and a worrying tendency to talk of “patriotism” and “forging our own destiny”.

We are always going to hear about oil and currency. It’s the stable diet of lazy skimming the surface journalism. Just headlines. The recognised starting point of many who know very little about the subject of Scottish independence but who have seen these subjects brought up before.

In actual fact fluctuating oil prices is a huge red herring. It’s like saying that you are never going to ever consider hanging out your washing again because it rained today. The whole question of Scotland’s finances is in fact the biggest argument FOR independence you’ll find, although mismanagement from London of the UK’s economy in Scotland is used as a major cosh to beat us over the head with.

Secondly “risking a stable currency” in soon-to- be the post-Brexit UK? Really?

No, the irksome part of Rachael Revesz’s statement that pulled my chain and disappointed me was the reference to a worrying tendency to talk of “patriotism”. Eh?

Where and when does Nicola Sturgeon, or just about anybody involved in the progressive move for a self governing Scotland, mention the word ‘patriotism’?

Where did the writer pick up such a notion? Not just slightly inaccurate but the complete wrong end of the stick. Although there is room for a healthy positive inclusive element of cultural nationalism within the Yes Movement, generally you will only hear the word ” patriotism’ coming out of the mouths of naysayers of the Proudscotbut variety, as a preamble to telling you everything that is wrong with Scotland, and why it couldn’t possibly survive as an independent country.

Alternatively you may hear Yes supporters use the word in the context of ‘ being passionate about an independent Scotland is not about patriotism’.

The scourge of fake, false and fallacious long- term news manipulation by the UK media strikes again. By being exposed to it even perfectly reasonable people have doubts placed in their minds about our motivation for self determination.

It got worse when i looked further down the article to the comments section. I never knew before that as a believer in the people of Scotland governing themselves I am a vile nutter and a member of a band of mindless zealots.

The First Minister in some of the more wholesome quotes is described as a racist, parochial, small minded, vile opportunist who should be jailed for treason.

If only they were aware of the truth? The UK print media has a lot to answer for.

Scotland will be so much better off once it returns to its rightful independent self governing status.


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