The emergence

In a period of polarisation of the type not seen or endured for many years, where much of the established order of western society is taking a sharp intake of breath whilst appearing to accelerate into political uncertainty, division and conflict, a small Northern European country is following a determined steady path, a path it first set foot upon many years ago, to emerge into daylight as a progressive social democratic mature self-governing European state.

The emergence of this country, returning rightfully to governance by its own people, as it did for several hundred years, will not result in the trauma of leaving anybody, or separation from any other entity, or the breaking of the hearts of public figures and celebrities, or of the crushing of something considered ‘precious’ by bland crass repetitive politicians.

Partnerships with neighbours will not end as a result of the emergence of this nation, in fact these partnerships will in time be strengthened. Well-established bonds of friendship, kinship and trade links will continue, and will flourish. When in need or in times of trouble neighbours will find that this nation will be the first to stand by their side. Where democracy has been in jeopardy in the past the citizens of the small emerging country have never been found wanting, and never will.

There will be no barriers between this emerging sovereign state and its neighbours. There will be no walls or fences or checkpoints.

In the system of governance it has existed in, where it has always had the responsibility for the blights on its society, poverty, inequality and underinvestment in its economy, the emerging progressive nation will, on the day and hour when it finally once more achieves self-determination, at last gain the ability, and control of the financial levers, to address the causes of such blights. This will be without interference, or control, or manipulation of resources, finances or facts by an outside entity whose priorities are not compatible with the prosperity and wellbeing of that emerging sovereign nation.

The emerging Northern European progressive social democratic country will be wholly embraced by the European community, and respecting the emphatic democratically expressed will of its people, will take its place as a member of the European Union in due course, almost seamlessly. There is no queuing system that this country would need to join, or go to the back of. There are no barriers to entry, the country concerned having already established 40 years of compliance with the EU regulatory framework.

In addition the small nation retains a well-established existing trading relationship with EU members, its current devolved government has set out as a core pledge to its citizens and essential migrant workers the continued protection of the free movement of citizens of the EU, and the country itself has an enviable plethora of natural resources and goods and services for trade which adds value to the European Union as an entity. There will be no veto or black-balling of entry to the European single market. In fact, it is becoming clear that EU representatives will actively court the decision makers of this emerging nation to seek acceptance of membership. They have as much as said so publicly, once you see beyond the spin of how this is presented to the reader or viewer.

The government of the immediate neighbour of this emerging state are currently taking their own path. In their words, they are ‘taking back control’ by leaving a trading bloc of 500 million potential customers for their goods and services, whilst, it seems, slavishly following the edicts of a recently appointed, and erratically unpredictable, leader of a global superpower, a country which previously was one of their imperial colonies.

The political differences which exist between both neighbours appear to be widening by the hour. One neighbour right-wing, Neo-Liberal, insular, corporate focused, introducing policies where the victims of sexual molestation resulting in the birth of a child must justify and prove rape in order to obtain child tax credits, and the other, the Northern neighbour, citizen focused, outward looking, committed to equality and social justice, introducing a Scandinavian style scheme providing free Baby Boxes filled with essentials that new mothers and babies require in the first days of a new life, an effort to help address child poverty and inequality. The contrast is stark.

The time for self-determination is indeed coming. The evidence is there. When the facts are put before them at some point within the next twenty-four months the people of that country are ready to make the leap.

Despite an ongoing and systematic onslaught of relentless negative propaganda, designed to reduce confidence and prevent the emergence of this progressive nation, both in the printed media and via the state broadcasting services (all of whom who have vested interests in thing remaining, with regards to sovereignty, just the way they are) the political parties, and the wider non-party movement for change, who will unlock the door to Independence, continue to grow in popularity. This, despite there being no organised campaign for self-determination in place since the Autumn of 2014.

In fact, the First Minister of the country, the leader of the main political party pursuing independence has recently emerged in a poll as the only political leader within that country considered to have credibility. I think that tells anyone who has an interest that the numbers of citizens of that country who are aware and alert to news manipulation, and propaganda for political aims, is significant, and rising by the day.

An independent citizen-focused progressive Scotland is emerging into the light, and with hard work and determination, will undoubtedly prosper.


2 thoughts on “The emergence

  1. Inspiring as always 🙂

    “There will be no barriers between this emerging sovereign state and its neighbours. There will be no walls or fences or checkpoints.”
    Not on our side, hopefully. However we must be ready to brace ourselves for a period when we have to live next door to an inward-looking isolationist Little England. An England moreover suffering the woes of Post-Imperial Stress Disorder, whose behaviour may be unpredictable and at times vindictive if not outright violent. Hopefully our leaders will be possessed of sufficient tact and skill to help the patient through this troubled time while she rebuilds her identity and learns once again to stand on her own two feet, rather than bullying others. Not unlike a marriage break–up when you start to think about it …


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