What kind of Scotland do you want? Forget for a moment all of the spin and chaff flung at us. Forget the creative accounting and manipulation of financial statistics to generate propaganda headlines about deficits and debts ((on items like our share of the upkeep and renewal of Trident) that are designed to make us cogitate that thinking for ourselves,making decisions for ourselves and wiping our own arses is somehow a bad thing, and if we did the first two we’d be rotten at them anyway. Forget all of that nonsense.

What kind of Scotland do you want to live in, and your kids and grand kids to grow up in ? I would reckon a Scotland which displays humanity for our fellow human beings, and has common decency at the heart of its policies, would come high up on your list of priorities, aye ?

What the feck are these tories of perpetual UK government on? This new two child system for claiming child tax credits has crossed the line. Austerity measures? Jog on Theresa. Scotland needs to get as far away from the policies of these heartless bastards as is physically and politically possible whilst still being situated on the same landmass, pronto.

A blanket acceptance of far right me first and fuck the rest of you policies pretty soon isnae just gonnae be about acceptance any more, it’s enabling.

Forcing women who have been sexually molested,and who have conceived a child as a result, to justify and prove that they are victims of rape to claim the equivalent of the old family allowance/ child benefit is inhuman, like some sort of 1930’s experiment, a policy designed by a bunch of millionaire public school educated, pig fetishist, expense gathers who wouldn’t know hardship if it jumped up and bit them on the cravat.

Independence is not about the fucking SNP, it’s about the majority of the people of Scotland being absolutely determined to live in the kind of country where everybody is valued, valued for who they are, no’ what they are, or how much dosh or influence they have. Naebody left behind, everybody treated with respect and dignity, making decisions, and working hard, to benefit everybody, not just a greedy selfish elite.

Even if you have got a bob or two about you, you’ve earned it, you’ve worked hard for it, and that is right, but that might no’ always be the case. What happens if you fall on hard times or one of your kids, or your sister or cousin meets with bad luck, unemployment, a health problem, a breakdown? What then? These bastards won’t help you. They are only interested in what they can squeeze out of you. If you’ve got nothing you are no use to them. You are then just an annoying statistic.

Sometime soon you need to make a choice. Are you going down the road of selfish heartless right-wing little Britain or are you going to make a stand, because it’s only going to get worse, and Scotland making its own decisions is the only way out of it.

See the next time somebody starts warbling on tae you about Scotland being in debt, we ‘d be a ‘Third World Country if we went independent’, all of that shite, remind them of this Tory policy, and the other withering penalties they apply to those that can least afford it in society to ensure that they can give tax incentives to Shell and other mega-corporations to help generate lucrative dividends for shareholders and boards of directors.(themselves). Waken up folks and smell reality.

Pardon my french in today’s offering, I can, and most often do, express myself reasonably well without swearing, but sometimes only profanity will do.

Scotland will be so much better as an independent country.


One thought on “Reprehensible

  1. Ally, I remember being told that sweery words were the sign of a limited palette of expression, of knowledge of the uneducated. I’ve always hankered to its sentiment but never its actual veracity; because sometimes just plain unadulterated Anglo-Saxon profanity is what’s required. The guttural, gruff, glottal response to the gobshite is exactly what’s demanded.
    As is the case here.
    The rabid right-wing ravings of this rank rotten Tory government have shown their true ideological colours. Their experiments in social engineering are crass, obscene, disgusting.
    The very thought that you can invade the privacy of someone who’s been violated to ask them to make that public knowledge; how sick do you have to be?
    Carry on with the profanities my friend. They are entirely justified and apposite.


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