‘ Good evening.. ‘

The latest clear example of good old Auntie Beeb manipulating ‘the news where you are” shouldnae really come as any sort of surprise to anyone at all involved in the push for progressive self-determination for Scotland.

Get on with the day job Nicola, and whilst you are out of the country sort out all of the ills of your constituency, including the Labour Council that controls it, the economy, education and the English NHS. Stop mentioning independence cos nobody wants it, it’s foul and smells, and get behind Theresa so that she can get ‘the best deal for all of our citizens’ whilst hanging out of the back of a gunboat firing a rocket launcher at a Spanish pedalo.

Don’t even dare mention that you are out of the county promoting the trade and business of that country whilst your UK counterpart is off promoting the physical destruction of parts of the Middle East and some of its inhabitants, on a reloading regularly equals profit basis, or that the Chancellor is off trying to revive the principals of the East India Company, or even that the Secretary of State for no-one is away telling the people of Burma that ”nobody wants another referendum, apart from big hairy borders fermers who voted no the first time’, because your words will simply get dumped onto the cutting room floor, or re-dubbed to be broadcast with the phrase ‘ I am the devil’s evil separatist’ coming out of your mouth, in time for the teatime news.

The first independence campaign, the research of Prof John Robertson, the antics of Nick Robinson, the work of blogger G.A. Ponsonby, and the production of the documentary ‘London Calling”, the shuffling of twenty or so shipped-in activists around prominent Better Together figures at sanitised staged events, filmed from angles to make them look like the crowd scene from Ben Hur, the coverage of Jim Murphy in Glasgow surrounded by three men, a wee wummin with a string message bag, two onions, an egg, and two passing stray dugs being made tae look like a Martin Luther King rally at the Washington Monument, and a hundred other examples testify to the British Broadcasting Corporations lack of balance or impartiality when it comes to potential threats to the UK as it currently exists.

Anyone with the slightest doubt should speak to any journalist from out-with the UK who happened to be n Scotland in the days running up to the 2014 referendum. They’ll put you straight.

Seriously we really shouldnae be surprised. Outraged a wee bit perhaps that you are paying good money in the form of a licence fee to be propagandised to, but not surprised. After all the BBC is the British State’s media tool, an important part of maintaining the status quo. They are there to protect and promote Britain, not to be fair of impartial or balanced, or any of that liberal nonsense. In fact until only very recently the Foreign Office openly funded the BBC World Service, so there can be no doubt that this is what it’s there for.

We have no control over this. It will never change. What we may have some measure of influence over though is the numbers of our fellow Scots who still believe that the word of the BBC is sacrosanct.

When the veil is removed and the penny drops it can be a bit of a ‘Matrix’ moment. It’s an occasion to savour when a friend or a relative goes from thinking that you, and the people of the same opinion as you, are a bunch of conspiracy theorist cranks, to seeing state promoted propaganda, and news managed and manipulated to serve the purpose of protecting that state, for what it actually is.

The BBC is a cornerstone of the British state. When its prime function eventually dawns on you it can be a profound shock, feel a bit like a betrayal, and helps to start to put reality into perspective.

Sometime in the not too distant future news programming in Scotland will reflect a Scottish perspective, an an independent member of the family of nations. The sooner the better.


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