There are weans being born today…

There are weans being born today who will grow up in an independent Scotland. They will have access to a range of high quality cradle-to-grave citizen focused public services of a standard of excellence never before achieved in Scotland.

To help them plan their route in life they will have abundant opportunities in learning and tertiary education. They will have access to skills and training in cutting edge innovative technology, as well as the range of trades and occupations an independent nation requires to thrive and succeed.

They will never hear, or become familiar, with the phrase ‘subsidy junkie’.

They will live in a country free of weapons of mass murder and destruction. They will enjoy better health, and live longer than their parents and grandparents before them in a country where all citizens are entitled to a high standard of housing and adequate heating.

Their country will be self-sufficient in energy production, mainly through extensive renewable energy schemes, the excess production of which will be stored, keeping consumer costs down, or sold on to our neighbours with profits re-invested publicly to benefit all.

They’ll never hear or need to understand the phrase ‘ the Scottish cringe’.

They’ll no longer die, or be brutally maimed or suffer terrible mental health issues as a result of governments out-with Scotland seeking to protect their power and investment in foreign lands.

They’ll live as outward looking responsible caring world citizens, travelling freely and widely, sharing their skills and expertise, benefiting our fellow human beings. As health care professionals or members of the Defence Force they’ll provide humanitarian aid and relief to war-torn and famine ridden lands, as ambassadors of Scotland, representing us, and the values that we believe are important.

They’ll have access to meaningful, well paid, stable work with excellent working conditions, in companies and services where profits are reinvested to protect and grow rather than be drained away and out of Scotland by speculators and financial institutions in tax havens.

They’ll never come across anyone even remotely suggesting to them that their country is ‘ too wee, or too poor.”

They will welcome visitors to our country. They will warmly greet new Scots who have chosen to make their home in Scotland, who will contribute to our society and share their skills and knowledge with us.

When they achieve adulthood they will look back at us, as parents, grandparents, friends and family members, and ask ” What was so hard about becoming an independent country? It is the most natural thing in the world. What was all the fuss about?”

We can then just smile and envelope them in our loving embrace.

None of the above is achieved by independence alone. It is up to us all to build the Scotland we want, to make it happen, to put aside pettiness, to work in a common cause.

Then, the real hard work starts the day after independence is declared.


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