Dear Theresa


The Right Honourable Theresa May,Prime Minister of the UK,
Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson,Foreign Secretary,
David Davis, Minister for Brexit,
The plastic Scot Viceroy Mundell,
Ruth Davidson, who considers a working class Scottish accent to be something to scorn and a source of amusement,
The rest of the rightist of right-wing Tory governments.
All of your wee pixie former socialist pals from across the chamber in red,
That other lot, what’s left of them,
The scary racist mob who despite having no MP’s seem to get a strong representation on Question Time every week…… and…
Last, but not least, the unelected freeloading, expenses hoovering, mob in ermine cloaks,

The Palace of Westminster,
Westminster, SW1A, London (Empire 2.0 Britannicus)

Dear Theresa and the beneficiaries of privilege.

Re: Request to seek an Order in Council under Section 30(2) of the Scotland Act 1998.

You’ve had your fun. The utter pish that you have been ripping out of the people of Scotland is going to stop.

You’ve had our oil and gas, and despite your propaganda about the oil price the fluctuations in price over a long period don’t matter, you’ll be gubbed without it.

You’ve traded off our fishing industry, significantly depleting stocks in the 1980’s and 90’s, for concessions and European funding for other projects which benefited London.

You’ve destroyed just about all of our industries (apart from the limited remaining maritime engineering sector you keep going so you can use it to threaten us every time you need to spend obscene amounts of public money to retain some sort of notion that you still are a major world power).

You are hoovering up massive export revenues from our whisky, which you’ve done for many years.

You pulled a sneaky move, you, and your red neo-liberal club members, half-inching some of our maritime seabed by changing the boundaries of Scotland’s waters in the days and hours before devolution.

You and some of your foreign pals (the ones you like, the rich ones) around 525 of you, make sure that you retain ownership of half the private land in Scotland.

You’ve well and truly pulled the rug out from under our renewable energy projects, new technology which would create a booming Scottish economy.

You’ve taken us out of the biggest neighbouring market for our remaining traders, the largest market on the planet, where we had a free trade arrangement, and made the rest of Europe think we are all a bunch of racist half-witted nutters.

You’ve alienated vital members of our community who originate from European Union states.

You’ve ridiculed, and for the most part ignored, just about the entire democratically elected membership of your lower chamber who hail from Scottish constituencies, booing the very mention of the words St Andrew’s Day.

You’ve decimated our armed forces, turning previously thriving rural communities which supported the services into yet more areas of severe poverty.

You tried to do us out of several billion pounds in the Scotland Bill settlement.

You’ve lied to the people of the rest of the United Kingdom about Johnny Foreigner and straight bananas.

You’ve ensured that we, who do not want anything to do with weapons of mass destruction, we, who overwhelmingly voted against them, will continue to have a target on our backs, and no choice in the decision to park these monstrous instruments of mass murder within shouting distance of half of our population, but miles and miles away from you,

You are going to lock us in to the extremely difficult challenge of maintaining an ageing population with little prospect of economic growth, as expertise and talent from outside your isolationist borders, who would be paying tax to help pay for increased pressure on public services, won’t be allowed to come and work here.

You’ve set us up to lose at least 80,000 Scottish jobs over the next few years because you don’t like garlic…….

……and now you insist that any democratic decisions we make are irrelevant because democracy only works when you decide it does

Get out of the way. We will decide our future destiny, not you.

Yours unswervingly.

The people of Scotland.


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