For the glory of the ‘precious Union’

So there you have it. Despite intense London unionist hackery speculation of a very late Kasparov-style strategic move to checkmate the hairy-ersed Jockos, where she would have sprinkled promises of temporary powers in her wake, pouted longingly at cardboard cutouts of the Scott’s Porage Oats kiltie for the adoring media, and pretended to look like she was actually awake whilst Nicola Sturgeon spoke, Theresa May’s whirlwind visit to Scotland wasn’t like that at all.

It wasn’t like that at all for one reason, she actually does believe that the people of Scotland are absolutely no threat to Westminster’s plan (without a plan) to remove the UK from the European Union, or a threat to the continuance of her precioussss Union. In her mind Scotland is insignificant, the democratic will of its people irrelevant because we are only a region, a small part (to be milked) of a glorious Greater England. She doesn’t feel she has to make any concessions or come to any compromise because we don’t matter, and she thinks she can always frighten enough of us to stay in the Empire 2.0 project’s loving embrace.

Surely even some of our fellow Scots who voted No in the first referendum must be starting to recognise this. It’s so obvious. There is a crunch coming in the next few days, following today’s vote at Holyrood, when she will defy the democratic will of the people of Scotland’s parliament, and refuse Scots the opportunity to have their say on sovereignty. Even the most ardent No voter must think twice about the fact that in 2017 the democratic rights of the people of our country are being denied. They should be as outraged as us when it happens, Yes and No voters.

No, the UK Prime Minister, sashayed in, swinging around several roundabouts, to East Kilbride, and made an “impassioned plea for the preservation of the Union” before a hermetically sealed and herded in Department for International Development workforce, probably instructed to clap like their civil service pensions depended on it. Where have we heard that before? (Does she think that Scots have the memory capacity of Bob the Goldfish?) Sincerely, are we no’, as a country, heart sick of impassioned pleas for the preservation of the Union?

During her ‘impassioned plea’ she came over all Thatcher on the steps of Downing Street stomach-churningly quoting St Francis of Assisi, we were treated to a wee bit of “light where there is darkness, hope where there is despair.” It’s scary how every day May seems to be channeling Thatcher more and more. For younger readers, don’t believe the revisionist history, that woman was a bastard, who ruined thousands of lives in the UK, and treated Scotland with nothing but contempt. May is heading down the same road but scarily she has the advantage of a clear run, the opposition’s bowels having dissolved into the shambling husk of what used to be a progressive movement for social change, and Kezia Dugdale.

Leaving the room full of teary pubic servants May then headed into town to meet, for what seems to have been hardly much more than a glorified photo opportunity, with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, and very carefully made sure she picked the neutral ground of a hotel for their catch-up, rather than have herself photographed again with Scotland’s elected leader in front of two saltires, or worse, one saltire and an EU flag.

No new powers, no discussion on an independence referendum, just a smile or grimace, depending on your point of view, and giving a very frustrated Nicola Sturgeon, as usual, the rubber ear. The arrogance and false self-confidence of May and her government of very well-off Brexiteers is staggering, and has no bounds. This was demonstrated further on a Question Time special in what is a momentous week for UK politics when David Davis at one point couldnae even remember Mike Russell’s name,(the Scottish parliament’s Minister responsible for trying to stop the UK fecking up the Brexit negotiations) though he claimed to have spoken to ‘ a chap’ just recently. Let’s hope he remembers the name Jean-Claude Juncker in the next few months.

Clearly the word on the street is that there is no appetite for an independence referendum in Scotland. It’s been in the weekly memos of the Tory, New/ Auld/ Whatever Labour Party and the Wee Wullie Rennie For Mayor of Trumpton Party for many months now # Daily Tip 101 Just keep saying Scots don’t want a referendum, if we say it often enough it might come true.

I notice even on the state broadcaster’s Daily Politics Show, where the SNP’s Stephen Gethins did really well to stop himself laughing when the presenter, and the talking head Tory of the day, tried to tell him that manifesto commitments mean nothing, and should just be quietly swept under the carpet for the greater Brexit good, that Labour’s Alison McGovern reckons it’s ABSOLUTELY certain and clear that the people of Scotland do not want another referendum, she has has no doubt whatsoever. Sitting in a London studio as the MP for Wirral South in Merseyside how does she know that?

Are you feeling like somebody somewhere is trying to control what you and your fellow Scots are thinking, and heavily influence the decisions you make? If you are not you fecking should be.

Meanwhile back in the ‘real’ world a major earth shattering disaster for the Royal family and their 64 million subjects was narrowly avoided when a helicopter the future king wasn’t travelling in, or was anywhere near, narrowly avoided colliding with a drone flying over McDonalds, the Daily Mail thinks discussions about the potential ending of the UK and a decision to leave the world’s largest trading bloc, which may well result in an economic disaster with repercussions for the whole global financial system, is all about Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May’s legs, and back on good old propaganda TV Jackie Burd manages to grudgingly give 17 seconds to the news that an oil exploration company has discovered one of the largest ever undeveloped fields of oil (an estimated 1 billion barrels) in Scotland’s waters.

Cmon folks, wake up to this. You are the victims of the longest running, and most successful, confidence trick in history.


2 thoughts on “For the glory of the ‘precious Union’

  1. “…or a threat to the continuance of her precioussss Union.”
    She sounds a bit like Gollum when she speaks, she repeats the same stuff twice or more, like ‘Brexit means Brexit”.
    “In her mind Scotland is insignificant, the democratic will of its people irrelevant because we are only a region, a small part (to be milked) of a glorious Greater England.”
    That’s the truest (and saddest) part of her and her croonies’ mindset.
    Fantastic article again! 🙂


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