Another interesting week ahead

What interesting times we live in at the moment being able to observe the actions, machinations and complications surrounding the politics of those who seek to retain control, maintaining the British State’s primary function of channeling wealth from the many to the few, and those who hanker for self-government for Scotland.

In two days time a vote will take place in the chamber of the devolved limited powers Scottish parliament at Holyrood which, barring a minor miracle, will result in a formal request being made to Her Majesty’s Government seeking the authority to negotiate the terms of a referendum to take place, on a date not yet fixed, in the period Autumn 2018 to Spring 2019 to determine whether the people of Scotland wish to govern themselves or remain under the control of their larger neighbour.

Clearly this request will be made as a result of democracy in action, the people of Scotland by majority having resoundingly voted to remain in the European Union, (under threat of removal from the EU against their will as a consequence of England and Wales voting to leave) and their chosen representatives voting by majority in Scotland’s parliament chamber to respect that decision.

Therefore you would think, in 2017, that this formal missive to Westminster’s government should surely just be a formality, met with respectful pragmatism. Westminster after all holds itself up as the mother of all parliaments, a bastion of democracy, the protector of freedom where the views of the people are paramount. “That’s wot makes us different don’t you know, God bless you Guvnor (tugs forelock).”

We’ll see. The leader of the UK’s government, a government of as far a right-wing disposition as has ever been seen in living memory (so rightwing in fact that the far right-wing UKIP, a loathsome bunch of racist, fascist, half witted, hate-preaching former BNP members, has almost dissolved, finding the tory government’s policies, now that they are free of a coalition, so palatable that they’ve been re-absorbed as Born Again Tories) has made it clear that God has told her in a vision that “now is not the right time” to allow the people of Scotland the luxury of having their wishes respected.

Furthermore, utilising that massive democratic mandate she has in Scotland (1.7% of the Scottish constituency elected membership at Westminster) she feels that somehow she knows the Scottish people much better than the 94.9% of Scottish constituency elected Westminster members who the people of Scotland selected from a party which only functions in Scotland. This is the same party which currently also forms the Scottish government, with more than twice the number of elected members than her party. She clearly endorsed this view in her recent speech to the Scottish tory phone-box when she described the aforementioned 1.7% (I wouldn’t even rate him that high) and I paraphrase, as “doing far more for Scotland than all of the whining SNP MP’s put together.”

‘The SNP aren’t Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon does not speak for Scotland’ we hear on a regular basis. They could almost put it to music. If they don’t speak for Scotland then who the hell does? Ruth Davidson? Or that other lot of irrelevances, of a former socialist nature, who have made their bed, and have as a consequence doomed themselves as a political party, and the UK to many years of untrammelled right-wing Tory austerity and the perpetuation of a greedy elite, a land of Me First running amok?

We also are now hearing about a new and exciting creation “the UK Single Market”, yet another invention to try and scare the children. Does the British State really think that threatening to withdraw trade with their nearest neighbour, whom they rely upon, once they’ve removed themselves from the biggest trading market on the planet, and are scrambling around for friends, is even remotely going to be taken seriously in Scotland? Give us some credit please Theresa.

For the moment the clear instruction from London, a few days before a fear of immigrants, many of whom don’t come through the EU free movement process anyway, and a love for all things 1950’s, results in the most suicidal political action seen since Nicolae Ceaușescu ordered his palace guards to open fire, is, shut up, play nice with others and then get back upstairs to your bed Scotland. If you are really good Auntie will bring you an Empire biscuit.

We’ll soon see whether she seriously wants to take on the mantle of being known as the Prime Minister of the UK who completely undermined the union and the fabled ‘partnership of nations’ by telling Scots that democracy only counts when it’s Westminster’s version. If she decides to do just that, and further, if she does it in the same cowardly way as her previous pronouncement, via the trained circus act which is David Mundell, beware Theresa, for the wrath of the people of Scotland is a force of nature. If you’ve got the balls for it, if you are worth your salt, if you have courage in your convictions come and debate the subject face-to-face with the First Minister, in front of us all ‘live’ on your broadcasting channel. Convince us if you can.

But do not tell the people of Scotland what they can or cannot do.


2 thoughts on “Another interesting week ahead

  1. “She described the aforementioned [Fluffy] 1.7% (I wouldn’t even rate him that high) Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
    As for the comment “doing far more for Scotland than all of the whining SNP MP’s put together”? Leave it aht!!! Gor blimey! It ain’t even fanciful.

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