Auntie Theresa’s fairy tales

To use a well worn (out) phrase of the last week ‘now is not the time’. No, most definitely now is not the time to believe the nationalistic red, white and blue Empire 2.0 nonsense about Brexit that comes out of the mouths and press releases of Theresa May and her horde of hooray head-shakers.

You know the type of thing, mindless arrogant optimism about the blood, sweat and undoubted glory of negotiating great deals with the EU, deals, they reassure us, which will see everybody from the whelk throttlers of Penzance to the glowing trout farmers around Dounreay dance the conga around their local pub singing ‘ We’re in the money!”

No, as foreseen by THE top UK EU negotiator who resigned, jumping ship after the Brexit vote crying “feck this for a game of soldiers” whilst predicting future doom and gloom compounded by the influence of a bunch of half witted upper class bawbags, things in the real world just ain’t like that Theresa.

Putting the Westminster government’s version of their leader’s best pal’s alternative facts under a spotlight we note that the European Commission’s President Jean-Claude Juncker had some interesting things to say in an interview reported in last weekend’s papers in Germany.

Asked if he was worried that the UK leaving the EU might encourage other members to take a similar step Juncker, when he finished guffawing with laughter, and coughing and spluttering, his breakfast croissant having went down the wrong hole when he was asked the question, made it clear that after what’s coming the UK’s way is over the 27 remaining member states, uncovering their eyes, and wincing is completed at the carnage, and the husk that is left of what was the 28th member, will be singing ‘Ode to joy’ louder and with more vigour than ever before.

You’ve seen what happens tae anybody in the SPECTRE organisation who pisses off Number 1’s cat in the James Bond films? it’s gonnae be like that only worse, much worse.

Juncker went on to say ” Britain would need to get used to being treated as a non-member”, adding that “half memberships and cherry-picking aren’t possible. In Europe you eat what’s on the table or you don’t sit at the table .”

This too when a leading Dutch newspaper reckons it’s got a leaked summary of the EU’s bargaining strategy, which seems to be set along the lines of You Are Humped Britain. The UK will be getting away with nothing, getting no preferential access, getting held accountable for financial commitments they made before taking the Huffxit, and will be hit with a leavers fee of potentially 50 billion pounds, which, if they don’t pay, they’ll be sued for.

That’ll be in court for years, at huge tax payers expense on legal fees. (Here’s a tip for ye. If you’ve got a bright teenager under your roof needing a good career, get them off to Uni, a law degree and then a bit of specialism in European Law, they’ll be minted).

Add to that the news that many of the UK’s leading financial institutions are having a wee revisit tae their five and ten year Risk Management Plans, measuring blinds and picking out office furniture in the likes of Dublin, Paris and Berlin, HSBC and JPMorgan to name but two, and the whole picture starts to look not quite what Auntie Theresa’s Magical Mystery Tour guides tell us.

All of this disruption and mayhem, much of which, if Scotland stays in the UK, our taxpayers will have to help fork out for, because the UK government is frightened of their far rightwing element, and are pandering to their hatred of immigrants.

Don’t let yourself be kidded by the media or British Nationalist politicians. The EU has no real power over your day to day governance.

The reach of the EU is non- existent. It relies on its member states to implement and enforce laws. If a member, including the UK, decides not to do so the EU can do, and does, nothing about it. It has no actual power to compel members to do anything.

All of this is about Xenophobia, immigrants and trying to relive past glories. Pathetic really, but be careful you don’t let them get their way. A triumphalist militaristic far rightwing UK will not be a pretty place.

Scotland will be so much better off once it is an independent country.


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