“Stop the world.Scotland wants to get on.”

Following the significant events of last week, and this weekend’s SNP Spring Conference in the Granite City, one thing is very clear,Theresa May is going to have to soften her position on the question of a plebiscite on Scottish self-determination. She’s going to have to cave in on a timescale which allows the people of Scotland to make an informed choice after the Brexit negotiations are concluded, but before the UK has bailed out, or there’s going to be one helluva humdinger of a constitutional crisis coming over the horizon in the very near future.

Come the end of this week, once the Scottish parliament have had their say on the subject, will Auntie Theresa, clearly now channeling a previous Tory appeaser of dictators, and scourge of the working classes, play her usual body swerve card?

Will the formal request for a Section 30(2) order of the Scotland Act 1998 seeking permission from HRH and her government for the people of Scotland (how dare they) to be allowed to consider their own future, just be politely accepted at the Downing Street door and subjected to yet another dingy, effectively blanked, as May once again displays imperial arrogance and demonstrates the disdain she has for the devolved governments of the ‘family of equal partners’ in her ‘precious Union ‘?

Will the paperwork be placed on the ‘read later’ correspondence pile, along with her gas bill, a copy of the David Davis report ‘An idiot’s guide to Brexit and influencing foreign trading partners’, two or three perfumed letters from a Florida golf and casino resort, with the letters S.W.A.L.K scribbled across the seal in red crayon and fake tan, and a hard copy of the now dust covered consultative document ‘Scotland’s place in Europe”?

Stands a chance.

She’s never felt the need to respond formally to any of the Scottish government’s attempts to negotiate or reach a compromise before, preferring to have her two local British State Nationalist (formerly unionist) colonial emissaries do her dirty work for her, as they charge around telling anyone who will listen that there is absolutely no appetite in Scotland for another referendum (vainly hoping that if they keep saying it someone might believe it) so she might just smile that twisted smile and try to ignore it.

Since last June’s Brexit result, in an effort to respect and protect the people of Scotland’s democratic decision to remain in the EU, and to do the right thing, the First Minister of a Scotland has done everything diplomatically possible bar walk up and down Whitehall wearing a sandwich board with the words ‘My name is Nicola, and I’m more than willing to negotiate’ plastered all over it, but naw, it’s tae be an economic train wreck of a xenophobic Empire 2.0 Rule Britannia Brexit for everybody if Auntie Theresa gets her way.

Anyone listening to Nicola Sturgeon’s speech in Aberdeen surely couldn’t fail to recognise the engaging, open, inclusive, welcoming and warm nature of her tone. The place she describes as her aspiration for an independent Scotland sounds good to me, a country which values and respects all of its citizens for who they are, not what they are.

Observers would have noticed too a hardened edge in her tone when referring to the Scottish government’s current relationship with Westminster. She is being tested and her patience is wearing thin.

There can be no doubt that strategies have been developed , implications considered, and the consequences of various available options measured and weighed up.

Nicola Sturgeon is ready for this, and she has the support and expertise available to her to succeed. Nothing is ever certain but I know who I’m putting my money on.

‘Scotland’s future will be in Scotland’s hands’. Disrespect the democratic rights of the people of Scotland at your peril Ms May.


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