‘Nationalist extremism’ Gordon?

Putting the Aberdeen conference of the party of the current Scottish government tae one side, just for the moment, the news that Vowmeister General Gordy ‘look at me’ Broon is back on the scene and plans to work closely with crystal clear Kez the bewildered, as saviours of the tired and worn out UK, requires some comment.

Upon seeing the Sunday Post article, (hoots, jings, crivens and help ma boab) entitled ‘Gordon Brown proposes third option for Scotland to avoid bitter division” the first comment that came to mind was, in the vernacular, bite ma shite Gordon.

The second was surely to God there can be nobody left in Scotland who would even remotely believe such nonsense, following his previous interventions, and if there is can they please contact me because I own the Forth Bridge and would like to sell it to them cheap.

New powers, new powers, he cries. Agriculture, fisheries, VAT rate variation, environmental regulation and energy. We’ll get a bung for the hip pocket too as a dividend of the glorious British State Nationalist (formerly unionist) imperial Brexit adventure, and the Bank of England is going to get new signage with a longer name on it. It will be great, a veritable Nirvana.

Gordy reckons his intervention again is the ”patriotic’ thing to do. He is very modest so we can thank him later, and his plan will be the perfect antidote to the SNP’s ‘hardline nationalist extremism.”

Nationalist extremism Gordy? The only nationalist extremists involved in this constitutional issue are the right-wing xenophobic extremists your sham political party’s bunch of freeloading enablers has put into power by their greed and ineptitude.

The British state must indeed be frightened, in fight or flight mode, turning the spin dial up to ‘deploy maximum propaganda’ mode wheeling him out again. No one will fall for it this time.

The infamous ‘Vow’ was bad enough but remember too, and this is unforgivable, this is the man who told Scots in 2014 that if they decided to go it alone access to NHS blood transfusion services would be in danger, and despicably, Scottish children with serious life threatening conditions would no longer be treated at the world renowned Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, a statement which was angrily refuted within 24 hours by the hospital’s chief executive.

Naw, no’ this time Gordon. The people of Scotland don’t fall for the same trick twice. Get back in your cushy retired Premier box.

Scotland will be so much better once it becomes an independent country.


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