The mask has dropped

My first thought, as the news started to come in that Theresa May, in her best Thatcher Diet Zero Lite style, has let the cat out of the bag good and proper that democracy does not exist in the UK political system of government, was f#ck it, bring them hame, bring the highly capable and worthy 56 democratically elected representatives of the people of Scotland, not wedded to the idea of being subject to London diktat, up the road.

A knee jerk reaction, but thankfully it has passed. It was a daft idea, for the moment.

Following yesterday’s six of the belt, detention and five hundred lines of ‘I must not think for myself’ handed out by Auntie Theresa (she has seriously picked on the wrang person in Nicola Sturgeon) it is surely time for any pretence to be dropped.

Scotland is not part of a ‘Union’. Scotland is a country, considered as a resource rich region, under the direct control of a neighbouring country, a neighbouring country which is headed down a venal xenophobic jingoistic right wing path that up with the people of Scotland will not put.

It is pretty clear that there are no longer unionists, that term is dead. There are British State Nationalists (formerly Unionist), a term which incorporates the Tories and their UKIP pals, their former socialist enablers and yon mob that nobody votes for anymore, and Wee Wullie Rennie,

How cowardly is it to pre-record a speech so that you can avoid any awkward questions about your authority to stop a legitimate democratic process, and then conjure up your flying monkeys to flap their wings, and stand in front of a press conference talking barefaced and brass necked nonsense about “it not being fair to have a referendum because people wouldn’t be able to make an informed choice” (in 18 months to 2 years time when the Brexiteers expect to have completed their negotiations).

It is staggering to hear Ruth Davidson, in her defence of Brexit, harp on about lack of detail in the Scottish Government’s plan for independence. That woman has more faces than the number of clocks in Buckingham Palace that can be repaired for 369 million pounds of taxpayer’s money.

How is it possible that an ineffectual politician, the only representative of his party to be chosen by the people of Scotland to represent them, a man whose main purpose in life it seems is to stand in front of a camera and microphone repeating endlessly the words ‘nobody in Scotland wants another referendum’ is allowed to tell those selfsame people of Scotland what they can and cannot do?

Next week’s debate and vote will go ahead in Holyrood. A section 30 agreement will be requested. Viceroy Mundell can hide behind the sofa shouting ‘ We’re declining, and not entering into discussions or negotiations ‘ at the postman all he likes. Then we’ll see what happens. I suspect the British state have just sealed their ain fate.

One thing in all of this is certain. Dictating terms to the people of a Scotland and blocking their democratic rights will not end well for the Westminster government.


4 thoughts on “The mask has dropped

  1. On the button.

    Thank you.

    Looks like Ms May has unleashed a constitutional shitstorm across these isles and nations with Scotland in the vanguard.

    They, the Brits, shall not see their institutions survive for very much longer.


  2. I had the ‘bring them home’ moment a few weeks ago, for the life of me can’t remember what it was, but like yourself, the moment passed. It was a daft, knee-jerk reaction and soon drifted off into the sanity ether.
    Referencing the Union: It does no longer exist and has been replaced by the English State Nationalists, (perhaps former Unionists), but certainly containing Tory and UKippers alike. Anachronistically, they are supported by their sycophantic, subservient acolytes who haven’t yet realised the bus has already gone. Ruth & Fluffy, the dynamic echo chamber for May “Now is not the time; Now is not the time; Now is not the time; Now is not the time” will undoubtedly continue to chase the ermin. And a good job for May. If she is only prepared to pre-record messages to avoid scrutiny or questioning the you’ll need as many echo chambers as you can get!
    I look furrit to Fluffy in Maison Mundell screaming fae behind the settee “Don’t answer the door! Don’t answer the door!” But remember – The Postman ALWAYS Rings Twice!

    Oh! Minded my ‘bring them home’ moment.
    February 2013: Every Scottish MP voted against Theresa May’s Brexit bill – except one. Fluffy.
    I thought, “What’s the point?”

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  3. As far as bringing the troops home is concerned, we might eventually get to that. What I would like to see is for them all to be at Holyrood, in the gallery, for the vote next week, No notification of this to Westminster or the media; just be there. Let them wonder at Westminster where they all are. Good publicity.

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