Cornering rats

Wow! They took that well, the UK Establishment and their media arm, didn’t they?

A veritable explosion of British State bile and hatred spewed out in the direction of a person, whom I don’t know personally, but as I consider myself a reasonable judge of character, a woman who seems like a helluva nice wee lady, for a politician. She seems sincere, honest, caring and principled tae me, and thankfully articulate, intelligent and full of the street smarts.

What has Nicola Sturgeon done to attract such ire? She’s dared to challenge the UK elite to prove that the democracy they are always congratulating themselves for does actually exist.

From the Telegraph suggesting that someone may want to part her body from her head, as well as describing her as a liar and a traitor, to the Mail accusing her of betrayal, and their online gossip wags slagging her off for wearing the same clothes too many times,( a couple of years ago they were slagging her off for wearing an expensive jacket that her man had bought her for her birthday) to the more unsavoury and unacceptable comments of a nature I won’t go into, the mainstream unionist media have really gotten into the spirit of an old fashioned witch-hunt very quickly. Beware cornered rats they say, it’s certainly true in this case. Did they learn nothing from the death of Jo Cox?

The irksome thing from our point of view is that these feckers seem to be able to get away with saying almost anything they like of an insulting or threatening nature, their online right-wing bully boy fan clubs even more so, but that’s alright because it’s seen as patriotic, it’s not nationalism, it’s defending old Blighty from threats, it’s painting yourself red, white and Anglo Saxon blue to repel evil treachery. Let someone from our point of view point out to a celebrity that they thought their most recent book was pants though and all hell breaks loose.

This time I suggest as much as we can that we let them get on with it, we’re better than that, we don’t retaliate, we just make sure that when it happens, as it will constantly, we continue to highlight their bile to our fellow Scots, undecided voters. That will have a far greater impact than getting involved in tit-for -tat, which is what they will try to goad us into. Use it against them.

They say that Theresa May,the leader of the party which likes to create constitutional, social and economic mayhem by their actions and then blames it on everybody else when it works out that not everybody agrees with them, might not allow Scotland to have a referendum on independence, that she may insist that we remain handcuffed to Boris Johnson’s push bike as it spins out of control over the edge of the white cliffs of Brexit. Go on Theresa, we dare ye. Give it your best shot. See what happens.

Look out for her too, after the FM beat her to the punch, saying that she had no intention of triggering Article 50 this week as she wanted to consult the devolved governments first, having totally ignored anything they have to say up until this point. She’s got a brass neck so it not beyond her saying that with a straight face, and again that would give the hard line ProudScotbut’s, Ruthie and David Mundell something else to kid themselves on about, and point at.

Pretty soon we’re going to start hearing in the media about a mystical fabled Scottish tribe, we are going to hear about them often, and much will be attributed to them, ‘the silent majority’.

We’ll be told the silent majority don’t want a bitter divisive referendum splitting families, the silent majority think Nicola Sturgeon should get on with her day job, the silent majority think David Mundell is doing wonderful work, the silent majority think we are too wee, too poor and too stupid to look after ourselves and its best to leave it to AuntieTheresa to decide things and do our thinking for us.,

This time the real ‘ silent majority’ are no’ going to stay silent, and will be having a good think about how they see the future for themselves and their families. It’s up to us to ensure that when they are doing so they have access to enough information about what Scotland will achieve as an independent country as an alternative to the guff that the media feed them.

It’s only two days in, and already taking five minutes to read about the Spicer & Conway comedy show, and their boss having his brainwaves bugged whilst he heats up his tax returns in the microwave, seems like light relief.

Roll on independence. Scotland will be so much better as an independent country.


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