Wullie gets emotional

Wee Wullie Rennie, as he makes his ’emotional’ case for the United Kingdom during his keynote speech to the ‘massed’ ranks of Scottish Liberal Democrats today, all fifteen of them, and their minibus, is expected to say “Our United Kingdom is an uplifting, mutually beneficial partnership that we should cherish rather than trash.”

Well Wullie, you are partly correct. The United Kingdom has, over many years, uplifted, straight in to their hip pocket, Scotland’s oil, gas, whisky tax revenue, coal,steel, shipbuilding, the proceeds of selling out the fishing industry, forests, and much much more.

In return we’ve benefitted from being allowed to store the United Kingdom’s cache of toxic weapons of mass death and destruction, retail parks, and some seasonal casual grouse-beating jobs on the vast Scottish estates owned by the obscenely wealthy of that same United Kingdom.

Yup, there’s an ’emotional’ case for the United Kingdom right enough Wullie. It’s enough to make any sensible person weep.

Wullie, Carmichael, Clegg? Oh how the Liberal Democrats have declined in talent since the days of the late Charlie Kennedy.


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