It must be true, I read it in The Times

In the past couple of weeks we’ve been kicked squarely in the teeth on a regular basis. What’s new I hear you say? We’ve been informed by the Mayor of the British city state that we are divisive racists. The leader of the official abstainers party, Jeremy Corbyn, has alluded that we are obsessive flag waving nationalists, disappointingly from the same script as his predecessor Ed Miliband.

Ruth Davidson, (the leader of the Scottish area office of the party which decimated Scotland’s industrial and manufacturing landscape, and then for good measure to jab the point home inflicted a continuing rolling programme of withering austerity on the vulnerable and under-waged) has stated that the SNP, the current party of Scottish government, whom, in the last General Election, the people of Scotland democratically voted for overwhelmingly (electing 56 of the 59 Westminster constituencies allocated to Scotland) is killing the future aspirations of Scotland’s youth by obsessing on sovereignty.

We’ve had Davidson’s precioussss leader Theresa May make a speech, referencing the SNP more times than her own party, inferring that we are all fanatics and accusing the SNP of starving public services in their quest for vile separatism.

Now we’ve got some ultra-rightist, in the Times of all places, setting the heather, shamrocks and daffodils on fire asserting the pre-eminence of England as the defining country and culture over the other component nations, or tribes, if you follow her bewildering line, of the most wonderful, marvellous UK.

What a complete load of bovis stercore (the first word is Bull in Latin, ye can work out the rest) . Do you think they are trying to tell us something, other than the fact that rigid agenda following and whistling Rule Britannia can completely blind people to the truth?

What do our friends in England actually think of us when they hear or read such crap?How do they see us?

The first instinct I feel as a socialist internationalist (civic nationalist) when reading this clearly malicious and mendacious bile is anger, anger at the completely false representation of a wide progressive inclusive movement who’s aim is simply to re-establish a normal democratic state of affairs for any other country in the world, self-government for Scotland.

My second instinct is to go and engage someone not of the independence-minded variety, perhaps during a visit to friends or family in the rest of the current UK, and say….C’mon let me take you for a pint, or a coffee and a cake. We need to have a chat. You are aware that there are a significant number of people in Scotland who want to run their own country, I’m concerned that you might not be getting the full picture about what that is all about and exactly why it is that we want to run our own country.

We shouldn’t have to justify the fact that on the whole just about all of us are nice people, with families, or without, with concerns, with worries. but with an aspirational common goal,  but then again maybe we should start a campaign doing just that. Smother the haters, absolutely drown them in positive fellowship. By our demonstrated behaviour spotlight their sinister argument as farcical.

We are not fanatics. We are not fantasists, we are not narrow and blinkered in our viewpoint, we do not hate anybody, whether they are from Pollokshaws, Plymouth, Pontypridd, Portmarnock or Peshawar. We are inclusive, we welcome anybody. It’s who you are that counts, not what you are.

But we see the system which the British State, the ruling elite, the 1%, has set up over generations as fundamentally wrong, a means to separate the rest of us, you included, from an equal distribution of the assets, wealth and benefits of our country’s resources, denying and reducing opportunities for our children and grandchildren to have better futures and for our communities to flourish.

What is wrong with wanting to look after the places where we live, wanting to feed and educate our children, giving them opportunities to progress in life, wanting to provide care for our auld folk, they’ve surely earned it, seeking tae strive for wide access to excellent health services based on need not the ability to come up with the dosh, pursuing social justice and making fairness and equality the central core to what we believe in? Nothing, nothing at all.

If we get these messages across. If we get the truth and the facts out there wide enough, no amount of Project Feart bollox will make any difference, we’ll win.


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