For Harry, England and St George

Now that the weekend Conservative and Unionist love-in for all things Scottish government is over,Theresa May having just about managed tae stop herself saying ‘The SNP are a shower of bastards’ during her multi-SNP referenced speech to the suited, booted and sometimes union flag jaiketed rightwing faithful, one thing is abundantly clear, the London elite’s political arm are feart of what is coming, but they think they can still frighten enough of the local populace to avoid Scotland stepping away from the train wreck come polling booth time.

I couldnae bring myself tae watch Theresa May deliver her Henry the Fifth ‘Cry God for Harry, England and St George’ dialogue, instead downloading the text of the speech in the hope that reading it rather than viewing it would dilute the bile it surely would contain. It didn’t, much. She’s obviously been taking some lessons in delivering barefaced bollox from her new best friend, who’s fond of throwing out an outrageous whopper, with no supporting evidence. It’s an old technique, tell a lie often and consistently, and some eejit will believe you.

I particularly liked her glowing reference to the Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell, whom she described thus “He may be one man, but his hard work and determination have achieved far more for Scotland than the noisy antics of all the SNP MPs combined.”

If she’d replaced the word Scotland with the words United Kingdom or England I’d agree with her, but Scotland, no. Oh, he did cut the ribbon opening a Food-bank once.

All the old family favourites were in there “the broad shoulders” of the UK, ” pooling and sharing” of Scotland’s resources and food and drink sector, “Alexander Fleming and James Watt” and the monotonous “family of nations”Jakey Rowlin, all the usual stuff, but there was a a wee touch of gallusness in her words too.

For “building A new collective responsibility” her comments on reserved and devolved powers, and not “shirking responsibilities” read challenge and inferred threat. She’d have been clearer just saying settle down Scotland, and get in line with project empire, or I’ll use Brexit as an excuse to shut your devolved powers down. Oh and by the way, even if you do play ball, you haven’t a sniff of a chance of gaining control of any returned powers from the EU which involve anything that might weaken Westminster’s control.

It was indeed a weekend of incredible speeches right enough. Ruth Davidson’s sorrowful pleadings, during her attack on the SNP’s record on education, the common dig-up theme of the weekend, about lost youth, potential gone to seed, and talent being stifled by a sense of despair, surely take the prize for top spin of the conference. She’s talking about Scottish children of the last thirty years not having the opportunity to progress and thrive in a country where her political party and their Neo-liberal unionist pals, the abstainers, decimated heavy industry, subjected communities to deliberate planned under-investment, failed to support manufacturing and then turned the wastelands they created into a series of shopping retail parks with low paid, insecure, low skilled jobs for Scots, and high profits, get richer quicker, returns for themselves and overseas investors. Money not reinvested in Scotland.

Nice try Ruth but almost as plausible as the Conservative and Unionist Party being the ‘Scottish Government in waiting.’

Meanwhile yapping away in the background like a wee lap dug we had the aforementioned Secretary of State For I’m the only one and Team UK, Lord Greetin Face, jabbering out his daily mantra “Nobody in Scotland wants another referendum, nobody in Scotland wants another referendum, it’s a process, it’s a process, Danger Will Robinson” and Andrew Neil sending him into a spin that nearly caused him to self ignite, arms flailing at his side, and a look of utter fury in his een.

They are a funny lot the Tories, and not in a good way. More the kind of rabid dog variety. If they think they are going to walk away with the prize after a campaign of farcical fear mongering and empty promises this time they are mistaken.

Theresa May has slapped the people of Scotland around the gub with a steel gauntlet. She dares us to defy her.

Threats, to the devolution settlement, and jingoistic reminiscences of empire are the standard go-to strategies of the British state when threatened. Arrogance and the ignorance of facts will be the rocks the Union will perish upon.

Amongst all of the jingoism and bluster is the phrase from May’s speech, staggering in its hypocrisy, which completely sums up why Scotland must detach itself from Team UK. I’ll just leave this here…..

“We should never forget that the people who benefit the most from solidarity across the United Kingdom are not the strong and the successful, but the poorest and the most vulnerable in our society.”


One thought on “For Harry, England and St George

  1. Amongst the crap is the phrase, staggering in its hypocrisy, …..

    “We should never forget that the people who benefit the most from solidarity across the United Kingdom are not the strong and the successful, but the poorest and the most vulnerable in our society.”

    And that Ally my friend, may be your most astute observation yet.
    For bare-faced alternative fact, it’s of Trumpellian proportions. Funny laughable; but really of sadistic evil cruelty. Don’t you want to punch them?


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