What a Wide-o

The sheer brass-neckedness of the London UK Prime Minister is staggering. You can tell that an announcement about a forthcoming referendum on Scottish independence is not too far away by the ramping up of the rhetoric by those in power who will oppose it.

Set to honour the people of Scotland with a visit to make a speech today at the conference of the Scottish branch of the Conservative and Unionist Party, where she’ll attempt to pummel Nicola Sturgeon on the subject of education to divert the hounds away from the coming-to-the-boil constitutional question, Theresa May is kidding herself, as well as attempting to fool us.

In an interview with the British state broadcaster the appeaser of misogynist narcissist nuclear launch code holding potential Mensa failures opines that the SNP government in Scotland has ‘tunnel vision’ when it comes to independence, and that they should realise that ‘politics is not a game’.

Ms May further propounds that ‘it’s very clear that Scotland doesn’t want another vote’ and the well-worn “what people want is the SNP government to get on with dealing with the issues they want to see addressed on a day-to-day basis, issues like the state of the economy, and education.” Really Theresa, seriously?

As the leader of a government which, during her watch, and her predecessor’s,when she was Home Secretary, eviscerated much of the country, apart from the city state and its surrounding counties, and continues to do so, as part of their planned deliberate austerity measures, turning many areas into wasteland Ken Loach ‘ I, Daniel Blake’ theme parks, making Food-banks as busy as McDonalds, separating disabled people from mobility services and telling the dead or near dying they are fit for work, she’s got an awful cheek,in fact she’s a wide-o of the highest order.

Commonspace reports that an Institute of Fiscal Studies paper reveals that due to Tory austerity measures, tax and benefit reforms and welfare cuts by 2022 one in three children in the UK will live in poverty, and that growth in living standards has currently fallen to a 60 year low.

Further to this, according to the TUC, wages have fallen by 10.4 percent since 2007, the sharpest decline in pay since the nineteenth century. The UK is the only major European economy to see wages continue to decline during the economic recovery.

What does she know about what the people want? She doesn’t care what the people want, she deals in misery. She only cares about the small percentage of her peers who have the power and the financial clout. The elite. The so-called ‘wealth creators’.Boak.

Her government has just sanctioned the use of £360 million of your money, after a ten minute discussion on a committee, to do up the residency of one of the combined richest families in the UK.

They’ve more money than most countries have tied up in land, property and foreign investment, but you are paying for the new wallpaper. The yacht will be next. It’s too wet at Leith anyway and they’ll need it to entertain all of these foreign heads of state who’ll be queuing up like lemmings to sign lucrative deals benefitting Britain but ripping themselves off after Brexit, in the new ‘global’ UK.

In fact if you pop your clogs in the Duchy of Cornwall, without leaving a will, the heir to the throne even has the legal right to half-inch the wee bit ye had put by for a rainy day. That’s before you have all the peripheral family member hangers-on next generations, whose dubious parents whine on that their kids aren’t getting a good feed at the public trough, your money.

Get real Prime Minister. What do you know about the real people? How do you know that there is no appetite in Scotland for a referendum on independence? Who did you ask? Ruth Davidson or Harrison as some of your colleagues sometimes mistakenly call her seeing as she’s that high profile in your party.

Pretty soon you’ll find out whether there is an appetite for Independence in Scotland.

The people of Scotland are going to be so much better off living in an independent country.


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