Do you want to buy a tropical island?

It’s like Déjà vu. Remember those heady Westminster pronouncements in the months immediately after the 2014 Scottish independence referendum?

We’d just seen, in July, August and September, a major panic set in as it dawned on the controllers of power that against all the odds the usually pliable jockos were looking very like they were about to boot the British state firmly up the arse and out of what had been a distant province utilised as a cash cow, playground for the rich, and supplier of youth to fuel empire and financial ambitions abroad.

Suddenly there were tearful love-ins, Saltires’ being hoisted up in the strangest of places, sales of shortbread going through the roof, trainloads of former socialist fat cats despatched north to what had been their heartland many moons previously to harass shoppers in Sauchiehall Street, whilst dodging rickshaws and wee lassies wae prams, Prime Ministers cancelling PM Question Time in Parliament to go up and “meet the people’ (in front of a handpicked audience in a room surrounded by heavy security to stop real people getting in), promises of a brighter future for Scots made by the bucketful, and Bob Geldof.

Once it was all over, and the con successfully deployed, the unionist political leaders having all ran away leaving the Daily Record to clean up the smelly excreta, saying that none of them could remember signing up to anything other than their monthly expenses claims, we had, in order for them to try and justify that they were actually doing something that they said they would, and to keep the old red, white and blue ProudScotBut’s happy, the double-speak sleight of hand which was the Smith Commission, prior to the Scotland Bill. That’s the territory we are heading back in to now.

Then, it was about telling us how marvellously marvellous the future for Scotland was going to be. The Westminster snake oil and charm school sales reps told us that what we were going to get would be “better than independence”, we’d be “ the most powerful devolved country in the world”,Scotland would, within a few years, control all of its powers apart from defence and foreign policy, we’d be Federalistically Federal, a Nirvana of devolution that the world would hold up as a beacon of admiration to the beneficent enlightened hyper-democracy of the mother of all parliaments, the loving armed and broad shouldered British State.

Did we believe it then? Naw. Did any of what they promised then materialise? Naw.

Now it’s about Brexit. Yesterday’s verbal joust in parliament between the leader of the Scottish membership at Westminster (minus three) Angus Robertson and the Secretary of State for I’m the only one, Lord Highland Estate to be, David Mundell, and his boss, the Prime Minister, sums it up. Smelling a wee niff of rodent in the air Angus Robertson tried to pin the jokers in the pack down about powers which would be returning once the EU has been punted into touch, and exactly which government jurisdiction would gain control over that power, specifically fisheries and agriculture, both vital and essential elements of Scotland’s economy.

Refusing to answer specifically about fishing and agriculture Mundell (tripping over an ermine cloak catalogue he had been looking at previously) did however say “What I can give the right honourable gentleman is an absolute guarantee that after the UK leaves the EU the Scottish Parliament and Scottish ministers will have more powers than they have today”.

That’s it then. Once the train-wreck divorce and removal of access to a tariff free trading bloc of 500 million citizens is over Scotland is going to be rolling in returned powers. We’ll have that many powers we’ll not know where to keep them. Would anyone care to speculate what these powers will be? Control over straight bananas perhaps, or the ability to stipulate how much beef actually should go into a steak pie, or maybe more road signs?

I tell you what though, we ain’t getting control over anything that has a financial significance or impact on the continuance of the current status quo, like agriculture or fishing, Big Sister is keeping all of that.

Does anyone in Scotland, apart from the aforementioned ProudScotbut’s, who need to believe the propaganda to justify their John Bull view of their world (people like the Scotsman comments section fanatics) actually believe anything that this mob says anymore about Scotland? If you do please, I implore you, do a bit of research.

Scotland will be so much better once it is an independent country.


One thought on “Do you want to buy a tropical island?

  1. D’you ever feel that the island, Fluffy Island, that he’s trying to flog is actually less robust that a Blue Peter advent candle hauder?
    As Fluffy steps up to the despatch box and keeps glancing to his left, I’m unsure whether he’s looking at the sodden cardboard foundation of his Fluffy Island creation, limply disappearing into the deep, deep swamp of utter bullshit; or whether he’s actually checking on who the Speaker is?
    Listen to him. Every single time he steps up it’s “Mis; Mis … Mis …Mis.. er.. er..Mis …”. He’s a complete embarrassment of an individual.
    The Federalistically Federal frequently fluffed by Fluffy is exactly on point Ally. He merely invents glib comments, unless his ermine cloak catalogue has a back page for ‘Disingenuous Diahorrea for the Dreadfully Dull’, that he surreptitiously delves into.

    Nice post as ever. 🙂


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