A real disappointment

imageOn the subject of the recent conference in Perth of the Scottish field office of New/Old/What’s a socialist?/ I don’t know/ Me neither/I can’t remember/ Labour Party, which was totally dominated by the Mayor of London placing his foot somewhere down the back of his own tonsils, I’ve just had a chance to get a better look at Jeremy Corbyn’s leader’s speech to the less than stowed oot conference.

Having come across, several times on social media, the cringe-worthy section where he got himself intae a right fankle about who it is he’s trying to acknowledge, mistakenly cheerleading the SNP, and then nearly doing it again, much to the chagrin of the pained expression-ed, crystal clear as mud ‘Kez”, I thought I’d give it a look.

Now that I’ve done so it really has to be said, what a huge disappointment this guy is. He’s like a 21st century Michael Foot without the unkempt hair, but I suspect Michael Foot, having done a bit of research and established some knowledge of the great civic nationalism campaign which is the Scottish independence movement would not have been talking the staid formulaic union-at-all-costs bilge that Mr Corbyn decided to treat the room full of tumbleweed and the last remaining members of a once noble organisation born out of a great need for social justice and equality, sadly gone rogue under the control of neo-liberal ‘modernisers’ to.

I’m sure he is a principled guy, but backbone he does not display. Heavily criticised for following the Tories lead on Brexit like a collie dug, citing respect for democracy as a reason to let the right-wing cabal of jokers determined to fire the UK off the nearest economic cliff do whatever they want at Westminster regarding divorce from the EU, he has been rightly mocked after pulling in the whips to ensure that his troops voted with the government on Article 50 (some revolted, including the whips) and then saying, somewhat inappropriately, with a touch of confusing defiance that “ the fight begins now” in terms of opposing the Tories. Confused? Make yer mind up Jezza, your either with them or agin them. It’s too late now.

Obviously for Jeremy respecting democracy only works one way, 62% of Scottish voters voting to remain in the European Union doesn’t count, therefore the pesky nats should just shut up, and (wait for it) “there is no appetite for yet another referendum”. Whoever wrote Jezza’s speech obviously didn’t go to the trouble of updating Ed the Frightened’s ( of two wee Glesga lassies wae a wean in a pram and a camera-phone) old speeches from 2014. If Scotland wants independence we’d need to join the euro, we’d be heading for ‘turbo- charged austerity” (he’s used that one afore) we’re too wee and too poor, and we suffer from the curse of the black black oil, (yawn) .

Predictably we’ll never see granny again because we’ll never be able to get over the hard border that’ll be put up to keep the horrible Euro Scots out of Britannia. The leader of the Labour Party? Pathetic.

He had the brass-neck tae start rabbiting on about Keir Hardie and Clement Atlee too. He couldn’t lace their boots. His party is not the party of these heroes of social justice of a bygone age, or anywhere remotely near it, which explains his speech in Scotland playing to a half empty hall.

He likes to warn, about Scottish nationalism, that “you can’t eat flags” a statement which starkly and clearly demonstrates that he has not the first clue what it is that drives the independence movement in Scotland.

The only folks who unfortunately may have to chew on a bit of coloured material will be our neighbours to the south when their government of the British nationalist right-wing red, white and blue variety, turn the screw, and find themselves isolated from lucrative trading partnerships over the head of racism and paranoia about immigrants. You know Jeremy, the not so nice kind of nationalism that you have just helped to get further along the road by sanctioning the Tories plans.

No wonder Labour are dead in Scotland.


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