The wonderful thing about Tiggers….

imageThe hits just keep on rolling when it comes to His Highness Viceroy Lord Mundell of Smugcoupon, Tigger, the loneliest Tory in the country.

Following on from the Conservative Central Office leak to the media the other day detailing some of what he was going to say in his evidence yesterday before a Holyrood committee on Brexit (basically that we’re all DOOMED Captain Mainwaring if we think there is even the slightest possibility, in any circumstances, that Scotland could be part of the European Union once the bunch of xenophobic right-wing millionaires and billionaires who run his party, and the UK, blunder their way out of the long established trading bloc) we hear further that he as much as told the assembled MSP’s, during questions, that the Scottish government shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for Theresa May to provide a response to the alternative proposals put forth in the paper “Scotland’s Place in Europe”. Who would have though it eh? All of us.

The suggestion by the Scottish Secretary is that Ms May, who’s awful busy making handmade stars n stripes napkin holders and giving the Queen tips on how to avoid getting drawn in to a ten minute handshake and a cuddle, is likely to hang off from making a formal response to the Scottish government until after she has triggered Article 50 setting the stopwatch in motion to herald in the self-inflicted chaos of isolating the UK from 500 million potential customers for British goods and services.

So much for her early statement as Prime Minister about not approaching the EU to commence exit negotiations without a whole of the UK approach being agreed with all parties of the Union first. Who would have thought she’d deceive us all like that? All of us.

The time of reckoning on that is coming soon Theresa, just as soon as we can figure out what we’re going to call the second and decisive campaign for self-government for Scotland. The stalling time is over.

On to the subject of news of the clear, fair, factual, well researched and unbiased variety. We’ll give it a fair crack of the whip, the benefit of the doubt, the entitlement to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Yes we will. Won’t we?

News on the news that the news will apparently soon be news from a Scottish perspective (admittedly it’ll be news during reruns on its mother channel of “The Real Marigold Hotel” and “Britain on the Fiddle” instead of news at tea time) is on the surface and taken at face value, good news. A dedicated British Broadcasting Corporation TV channel specifically for Scots running for five hours, yes, that’s right, a whole five hours, a night from 7pm until midnight, is a start, but not an enterprise likely to enlighten too many inhabitants of the land north of the Tweed about what’s going on around them. The long established tea time news on BBC 1 will still be the news watched by most, and will still lead with stories of the English NHS, banking skulduggery in the ‘City’ and fly fishing by JR Hartley.

Lord Tony Hall, the Director General of the BBC has set his cards out on the table saying that the new channel will be “ bold, creative and ambitious, with a brand-new Scotland –edited international news programme (at 9pm) at its heart”. Many a cup of tea will be spluttered at his assertion that “ we know that viewers in Scotland love BBC television, but we also know that they want us to better reflect their lives and better reflect modern Scotland. It is vital that we get this right.”

Indeed Lord Tony, it is. I can think of several hundred thousand people who will be tuning in to see whether you do. Like the Scottish government though, waiting for a formal response from London, we won’t be holding our breath.


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