Glasgow Does Question Time

The BBC’s flagship political debate programme Question Time is sure to be entertaining this evening as it is beamed out to the viewing masses from this week’s chosen location, Glasgow.

Like the show a while back from Dundee it is likely to be highly representative of the community of the locale. The programmes researchers will no doubt have worked tirelessly and painstakingly to ensure the right balance is achieved in the studio audience.

There will be strange serious faced jaggy suited Highlanders ranting about God and empire. There’ll be authentic locals scooped up from the mean streets with names like Tarquin, Calista, Cressida and  Toby, with their harsh guttural Home Counties accents, telling us all that they “are from the Glesgow,” and they don’t think immigrants should steal their jobs because they haven’t got one anyway as daddy sends an allowance, and didn’t they read in the Express that a refugee once ate someone’s hamster? There’ll be wee soorfaced mean looking orange-jacketed (and socks) types with bad fringes who’ll ask why is it that the Queen doesn’t get allocated more money from the Civil List seeing as Brexit will now mean she’ll be a “global” monarch. There’ll be faces in the audience that by this time tomorrow will have been identified widely on social media as serial crowd scene attenders for the Bitter Together Campaign, the Egg Man’s milk crate tour and the Gordy Broon Live in Honolulu As near to Federalism as is Federalismistically possible Comeback Show, but…………..Will there be any actual Glaswegians there?

As for the panel we’ll no doubt be treated to loads of hot air, a beetroot face and much repetition of the phrase “the majority of the people of Scotland do not want another referendum” to just about every question posed In his direction by our lovable cuddly duddly Viceroy. With a bit of luck Westminster’s man in Scotland might get flustered and let slip that his boss has lost the only copy she had left of “Scotland’s Place in Europe”, having left it in one of President Bawbag’s golf carts.

John Swinney will be subject to an onslaught of hostility and perhaps the odd boo at much of what he has to say, as you would expect from an audience in a city that convincingly voted for Independence! I’m pretty sure Val McDermid came out for Indy in 2014,so unless she’s had a change of heart she’ll get dismissed too.

It’s interesting that the local branch of the champagne socialists are not represented. New/ Old/ Who Knows Labour instead putting up Baroness Chakrabarti, the Shadow Attorney General for England and Wales. Kez is obviously too busy working on her Federalism Plan (rehash of above-mentioned Gordy Broon live in Honolulu Comeback Show).

The other participant, a chap from the Institute of Economic Affairs , a London think-tank, will be there no doubt to re-inforce at every possible opportunity, and add some credence, to the view that independence for Scotland would be economically really really really bad, and yes, it’s true, honest, Scotland is the only country in the world entirely incapable of governing itself.

Just another week on Question Time? ….. Lets’ hope for better than that.


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