Scotland Put The Great in Britain

The writing is on the wall folks. Brace yersel’s, get a hold of something solid and hang on tight, for I fear there is a unionist love-fest coming.

All of the classic signs are there. Despite a concerted campaign by the forces of Union, both UK wide, and via their branch acolytes, to disavow independence for Scotland (a No campaign which really has never went away) the polls are starting to shift in the right direction.

This is remarkable in itself as there has been no official campaign for Yes since the original campaign dissolved in 2014 other than the continuing determined efforts of activists and the widespread grassroots movement. The Scottish Independence Convention have only just, in January, started dangling their feet in the waters of getting organised again, discussing strategies for how Yes 2 should look, yet the polling results are saying that more and more Scots are opening their eyes to self-determination.

Although we won’t see it on the triumphalist mask of Theresa May’s face, the Tories must be worried about what’s going to happen once official Yes campaigning for Indy 2 gets underway.

The papers were full of speculation, true or false, last week about Nicola Sturgeon putting civil servants on notice that an announcement on a second referendum is imminent, and the appeaser of right-wing extremists apparently ‘war gaming’ and role playing strategies with her ministers and Scottish representatives for handling negotiations with the Scottish government should we reach the stage soon, we will, where formally Scotland requests a section 30 order from Westminster to get the banners out of the wardrobe. (I’m sure many of us would have liked to have been a fly on the wall at that conference call between Theresa, Ruth Davidson and David Mundell on that subject).

May’s predecessor, and her own government, have extracted the absolute urine out of the people of Scotland, to the nth degree, using the result of the 2014 referendum as a signal to blatantly lie, be deceitful, vague, obstructive and for the most part, just plain disrespectful of the democratic decisions made by Scots. She clearly hasn’t seen a threat coming from that direction, choosing as Cameron did on the 19th September 2014 to verbally wave a digit in Scotland’s direction. We are a region to her, and we voted to stay a region.

However with the continuing delusional aspects of her government’s little Englander approach to Brexit, and her burgeoning relationship with the loathsome SCROTUS, she must surely be starting to suspect that the shite is soon to hit the fan north of the border in a big way. I would imagine any discussion she has had with Ruthie Tank Commander and the Viceroy to Edinburgh must include a warm and fuzzy strategy to make Scotland feel wanted.

Look back. This is what they always do when they feel that their grip on Scotland’s assets, resources, products and services is in danger. Remember this timeless classic, ‘I speak for millions of people across England, Wales and Northern Ireland who would be utterly heart-broken by the break-up of the United Kingdom.’ Or this one ‘It’s only became Great Britain because of the greatness of Scotland.’

Be prepared for it. There’ll be celebrities endorsing good old blighty, there’ll be public figures imploring us to stick around and see what happens after Brexit, things are going to be great, they’ll tell us. There’ll be huge shows of militaristic pomp disgracefully using the war dead of Scotland’s military past as political pawns. There will be some sort of assumed concession to Scotland to show us what nice chaps they are (they might not officially tell us that the hardcopies of Scotland’s alternative Brexit plans have been torn up and used to wipe the broad arses of the millionaire hoorays who taunt, and on one occasion, woofed like a dog, at Scotland’s representatives opposite them). By all accounts the official dissing of these proposals may be the start gun for Indy 2. May might just try and string that one along for a good bit further and see where it takes her.

But I suspect that she is going to start to love Scotland, and suddenly become very interested in its people, and issues. History tells us that this usually buys them time and gives them a few more years. It feeds those of a unionist bent, the ‘I’m a proud Scot buts’ providing them with something to point at, and for our fellow Scots who may not be politically minded, preferring to get on with the business of everyday life, and there’s nothing wrong with that, headlines on the television news have a big impact on voting preference if you are someone not particularly comfortable with change.

Heaven forbid that the saltire has to struggle to avoid going back up that bloody Downing Street flagpole again.

Will it work this time? Will it buggery.


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