Dingyed Once Too Often


No’ that we expected anything else, but the overnight shenanigans at the Palace of Westminster yet again clearly highlight that the noble ladies and gents selected by the people of Scotland to represent them, 56 of the 59 anyway, in the right wing circus which is the House of Commons, would be as well packing up the saltires and the plain loafs and heading back up the road, for all the notice that is taken of them.

They turn up without fail, they stay awake, which is unusual in itself for that place and its retirement home in the next chamber, and on the whole they conduct themselves with honour and with a strong determination to make sure their country is fairly represented and not disadvantaged by the long established subservient relationship that the people of Scotland, the ones who recognise the relationship with Westminster for what it is, have had to thole for generations.

During a crucial debate yesterday on Brexit ex First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond looked like he was about to self-combust at the obvious display of contempt for the views of the people of Scotland that was on show in the House chamber. This moment of rage came as he challenged deputy speaker Lindsay Hoyle, who, when pulled up, looked like he was going to burst into tears and run hame tae his mammy, for deciding, clearly wrongly, that SNP MP Joanna Cherry was finished speaking, cutting her off in the middle of making an important point.

After a debate of many hours about whether devolved governments should have involvement in Brexit decision making it was clear last night that the representatives of the actual countries in the UK who have devolved governments, as usual, weren’t going to be allowed to have much of an input, or pretty much any say at all, on the outcome, the standard strategy at Westminster.

So, enough is enough, c’mon, pack up the business suits and the file dividers, and come back up the road folks.

Dr Philippa Whitford, your admirable surgical skills are much sought after back in the Ayrshire NHS, John McNally, the people of Falkirk West would welcome the return of a long standing master barber, Mhairi Black, there is a great career ahead of you fighting for social justice, Joanna Cherry, the Scottish legal profession can always use the return of an eminent QC, John Nicolson, we need a friendly face on the gogglebox to add a bit of articulate balance, Chris Law, there’s a big beautiful ex-fire engine in need of your attention before it sets out around the country on a second quest to inform the uninformed about Scotland’s ability to govern itself and its potential to be a successful member of the family of world nations.

Thank you, one and all, all for your service for the people of your constituencies and your country. In a real democracy your voices would have been heard, your views taken into consideration. You did what you could. You did your very best.

In reality none of the above will happen. It would be disrespectful to the people of Scotland if their elected members of Westminster’s parliament were ever withdrawn.

However It is obvious that Scotland is on an entirely separate path to the remaining UK, a separation getting wider by the hour, and a vote today in the Holyrood chamber will further confirm that.


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