Dear People Of Scotland……


Dear people of Scotland

This is the letter we’ve wanted to send you for some time now.

You are delusional if you think we are going to let you go. Do any other regions of the UK act like you? Does the West Midlands? Or Yorkshire? Or the North East? No they don’t. Why do you persist in this tiresome nonsense? The question of Scottish independence was settled by the referendum in 2014, You overwhelmingly voted to give us carte blanche to continue to do exactly what we want with what once, many years ago, might loosely have been described as a country, but for three hundred odd years now has been part of us, the United Kingdom, or for easiness in conversation when on holiday and telling people where you are from, England.

Stop wasting energy on something that will never happen. We have control, we will maintain control, and It is essential that we do, to ensure that our long established channels for dividing wealth the way we want to continues, as we have done for generations. Blessed are the wealth creators, us. We deserve to keep our privileged positions in society. We deserve the vast wealth we inherited from others like us, or that we accumulated at your expense, as a reward for our cunning and singlemindedness.

What would be the benefit of giving you control over your own destiny, your own natural resources, your own land, your own assets, your own finances? You’d only squander it all on each other. You don’t need an excellent standard of health care, we do. You don’t need a high quality education system designed to give those it educates a passkey to untold opportunity and advantage, we do. You don’t need a beneficial social framework that ensures that your financial commitments are met, we do. You don’t matter. We do. There are many of you, you are interchangeable, expendable, and you are there for one purpose, as is the United Kingdom itself, to facilitate the ongoing transfer of wealth to us.

We hear you talk all the time about your culture. You don’t have a specific culture. All those years ago, before we absorbed you, many of you spoke a different language to us. We successfully got rid of that. we also got rid of many of you over the years by forcing you, one way or another, to leave. Sheep were cheaper to keep, and less problematic. Our culture is your culture. Accept that. Red double decker buses, Big Ben, Last Night of the Proms, Trooping the Colour, this is our shared culture. Get with the programme Jock.

Forget all of this talk of self-determination. It’s just making you unsettled. We are at the dawn of a golden era. We are about to re-establish ourselves in the new world order. We may be small in size, which is another reason we need you, but we have power, and we have powerful friends, probably on a scale not seen for many years, as long as we keep them happy. We will use this power to our advantage though, not yours. As in previous generations, your sons and daughters will be sent into foreign lands, admittedly some may not return, to gather yet more wealth for us. You may, or may not, benefit from this by association to us, but you can take pride in the knowledge that your children have done what you and your insignificant forefathers have done in the past, protected us.

Have we made ourselves clear? Splendid. Now shut up and get back to work, we’ve got billions of pounds worth of cheaply produced goods from third world countries we need to sell to you at huge mark-up profits. Ten thousand acre estates and holiday homes in the Bahamas don’t pay for themselves you know.

One last thing. Your ineffectual mouthpiece, laughably described as a ‘First Minister” suggests, in that guttural accent most of you have, that our political branch, the Government, are “running a wee bit feart”. This seems to be yet another example of that babbling made-up lingo you chaps grunt at each other. We don’t understand what that means, nor are we the slightest bit inclined to find out.

Yours in perpetual union in our great family of nations.

The UK Establishment

P.S. (Keep the money rolling in).

13 thoughts on “Dear People Of Scotland……

    1. Probably is a spoof, Susan. Someone has taken the time to write this and it is only fair to give it credence. After all, have you not heard the disdain and ridicule leveled at Scotland in Westminster. MP’s laughing at the way Scots were herded together and transported to foreign lands as slaves. As is said, “Get with the program”. The one that tells the truth.


  1. what an utterly distasteful article , it would appear that it is little england who is afraid of losing scotland . that hideous country, hated the world over, seems to be showing its true colours as a racist, little ,scummy land .

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  2. Dear writer, you are clearly mad. Even English people say they are from Scotland when travelling abroad. Because Scottish People are considered some of the nicest people in the World. Even English people agree in the majority that their reputation is a disastrous arrogant centre of the world attitude. PS if you read facts you would notice Referendum in 2014 stated that a vote to remain in UK was a vote to remain permanently in Europe. Therefore if this was a wedding (it would be an illegal one which would be void). You can not force someone to marry you and have it be binding. Now keep your delusions going while our Country and the 60% (yes 60%) who said they would vote to leave the UK if it meant staying in Europe. Get our plan to work.


    1. Hi,I think we all “got it” although as is often said “many a true word is spoken in jest” and aye we shall continue to fight for independence.A wee spoof like that though is good to get some thinking a wee bit harder and reinforce their determination to get independence.


  3. Dear People of England,

    You voted for to leave the union of Europe in 2016 and yet you still want to cling-on to the countries at your borders who you deem as a burden on your finances, Now you won’t even subsidise a spare bedroom, Now you shut up and keep subsidising 2 countries and the northern part of a third country


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