Seriously Ruth, Fratricide?

imageOh dear. In these dark chaotic times, where the politics of the 1930’s are beginning to rear their more than ugly head again, what planet does tank driving Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson actually live on?

As if there is not enough incitement to anger, intolerance and hatred around at the moment there’s the bold Ruth, in a speech to the David Hume Institute, adding to it. This she has done by getting wired in about the Scottish government for trying to escape the madness of Brexit, and the bile inducing consequences of the “Special Relationship”, using very emotive terms to suggest that the actions of the independence movement in Scotland will create a situation where brother will murder brother.

Her actual words, whilst objecting to the prospects of the people of Scotland being given the chance to vote on sovereignty a second time, now that one of the main promises they were made when they voted to stay in the UK in 2014 has dissolved, remaining in the European Union, and the fact that they have voted overwhelmingly to continue to remain as an open, tolerant European country when England and Wales have voted to remove themselves from their European partners, were “Most of all, I believe we should avoid further instability and uncertainty. People do not want Brexit to be used to start yet another fratricidal conflict.” Really?

Ruth, a former journalist, should know better than to use such language, which I suppose suggests that her and her cohort might just be feeling a wee tad pressured at the moment.

Please just bear in mind that, apart from the Murphy Egg and Spoon race, which I’m still no’ convinced about, the only unsavoury behaviour in the last independence campaign well and truly came from those not of an independence minded spirit, in the form of various acts of vandalism, some involving excrement, and the marauding numbskulls of George Square of the 19th September, which the BBC managed to almost ignore, then grudgingly reported, in one paragraph, that there had been a wee bit of six and half a dozen in Glasgow. It most certainly was not, apart from if you consider dim witted right-wing skinhead’s boots making contact with law abiding saltire carrying Scots heads as “ a clash between supporters of both sides” that is.

Not a good day for you Ruth. Don’t fabricate a situation which doesn’t exist, creating conflict which is false. The very strength of the independence movement in Scotland is its vibrancy, its unselfish community spirit, its vision for the future, its extensive grassroots appeal to members of Scottish society of all walks of life. Wee grannies fae the hielands, the young team hoping for big things once they get up, on to uni, and out into the world, and everybody else in between, all ethnic origins, all faiths, gay, straight, Bi, Hamilton Accies supporters, everybody, all Scots the gither. No’ a marauding band of cutthroats. Who’s the one with the Braveheart obsession now?

Ruth, you’ll remember, put on a fine stand-up routine at the Tory Conference last year, generating guffaws by the ton from the Hoorays, in an act she would describe as self-deprecation, which could more accurately be described as ripping the mince out of Scots. She’s on Theresa the Appeasa’s list of up and comers. She’ll go far, but she shouldn’t dishonour her own people by suggesting they’d get involved in something sinister or violence. You are involved in a wee bit of false advertising there Ruth, most definitely.

This from the leader of a Scottish branch of a unionist party who has had more back and front flips on her opinion about Brexit than the Cirque du Soleil. It’s been good, it’s been bad, it’s been confusing, but in the end she’s settled for it being good, for her career prospects.

She’s got some nerve too. Ye couldnae stand her still long enough to slap a paintbrush of sunset red Dulux around the back of her neck. Her suggestion that the Yes campaign in 2014 had behaved like Donald Trump in portraying ‘inconvenient facts’ as fake news is staggering. She represents a political party, who along with their cosy wee former reddish pals across the Westminster chamber, minus the ineffectual socialist guy, have systematically lied to the people of her country or region, whichever way she sees it, on an industrial scale for at least the last fifty years, with no conscience, no regret, just a clear sense that they are doing the right thing for Britain, protecting the establishment, and channelling wealth from the many to the few.

One thing in Ruth’s favour. At least she hasn’t started making barking noises when Nicola Sturgeon stands up to speak in the Holyrood Chamber. Mind you, she’s not the grandchild of a previous Prime Minister held in godlike esteem, neither is she the best friend of the next monarch of the United Kingdom so she wouldn’t get away with that. Maybe she could work on the second one though, that might also help her career.


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