“Sometimes Opposites Attract”

I’ve taken a few pelters this week for linking the independence movement in Scotland with a strong distaste for the new improved ‘Special Relationship’ that’ll be cemented today by gifts of a quaich and lashings of Damson Jam and Bakewell Tarts. Oh, what a spiffing wheeze. I’m gonnae boak.

I make no apology about Trump. I find the guy repulsive. I accept there are some in favour of Scottish Independence who may agree with him and his methods. We’re a broad church I suppose. I don’t.

Yes, politicians are generally pretty much of a muchness, in my view mostly someone to be wary of by the very nature of the fact that they are a politician in the first place, and yes in his time Obama fired up the drone strikes too, just like Bush before him, but this man is a whole new level of dangerous, to so many individuals, groups, and hard won freedoms, all on his own. His only interest is himself and satisfying his ego, nothing more.

So really what I’m saying is if you are looking for anything supporting Trump, or even balanced on Trump, you won’t find it here.  And where I think his actions, and the actions of his new best pal, who, when setting out the UK’s opinion on the issue, did her usual side-step, refusing to condemn his views on torture to the press, impact Scotland I’ll continue to point that out.

Theresa May joked, regarding her prospective relationship with the U.S.leader that “sometimes opposites attract” as she dashed over the pond to try and work out a trade deal that she thinks will help get her out of the financial maelstrom which is the withdrawal from the European Union. In reality there isn’t a deal that can be done with America that would replace the EU single market.

He’s made it clear he’s going to be protectionist, she says the same, how could she say anything else? Let’s hope though that she doesn’t quietly flash the knickers of access to the U.K’s public sector, and the potential of lowest bid, poorest service, highest profit contracts.

Trump is quoted the other day, when talking about his Great Wall of Mexico ego trip, that ” A nation without borders is not a nation”. If May gets her way Scotland, as part of the good ship HMS Rule Britannia, whilst perhaps not having a physical boundary surrounding it, will, for all intents and purposes, be cut off from traditional partners and trading alliances in isolationist rightwing Little Britain.

Does the future look bright? Only in an independent Scotland.


One thought on ““Sometimes Opposites Attract”

  1. AS an American who has found the blog through Wings, I can tell you that a new trade agreement with Britain won’t come anytime before 2022, if ever. There’s a fair amount of distress over TPP, and even Nafta is not all that popular. And NAFTA dealt with our two closest neighbors, Canada and Mexico.

    And with Trump’ s gutting of the State Department, it’s going to take a whole new Administration to even have the personnel to do it anyway. Long-term diplomats will retire rather than serve Trump’s xenophobic foreigh policy, and Congress will be underfunding the agencies needed (again till a more sane Adminsitration takes over)


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