Time To Go Scotland -Period

Did you know that the attendance at the Partick Thistle v Formartine Utd match in the cup was 287,500? Firhill was packed tae the gunnels, positively stowed oot, the surrounding streets were awash wae supporters, They ran out of pies, apart from the ones on the park, by kick off time. The Asda in Summerston had tae shut its doors because 26,000 fitbaw supporters all wanted a bridie. In fact it was the biggest crowd ever at a Partick Thistle Formartine game – period.

Where do you begin to start with that weekend? Do you make reference to the dawning of the brave new age where right up front, and in your face, the truth is now something someone tells you is the truth rather than the actual truth? Do you mention how a principled UK politician, that you had reasonably high hopes for, disappoints badly as he heads down the well-trodden route of SNPBAD, with a willingness to accept anything, up to and including the invasion of giant purple lobsters from the planet Crusta, rather than seeing the people of Scotland govern themselves? Or perhaps do we play hunt the wayward nuclear submarine missile, or chase the answer to a straightforward question from the new “Iron Lady”, she who is soon to be bosom buddies with the Tweeter of the Free World?

A staggeringly mixed bag indeed. However one thing is clear, the events of the last few days make it even more important that the devolved limited power government of Scotland set a date in the not too distant future where the people will get another chance to determine their own destiny. Because honestly, and this is the actual truth, the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

Someone once said that everyone is entitled to their opinion but not their own truth. It is clear that the administration that the electorate of the United States of America have voted in to power have a different view.

Carrying on his spiteful childlike feud with the US media, before he starts trying to bully the leaders of other countries this week, the Trumpet is determined to create an alternative universe. If you’re a reader of history all of this will be chillingly familiar to you. Demonise the press to the point where you encourage your supporters to believe nothing that they report, suck up to intelligence and policing agencies and the military with promises of huge funding increases, put your own people in charge, have a cull of dissenters in these agencies, and as long as you have enough riot shields, water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas canisters you don’t have to worry too much about objections or protests when you go about doing exactly what you want.

This man with a tan, who is supremely confident in his own abilities and entirely comfortable with his own disingenuous egotistical persona, will only ever be one Twitter argument away from considering a tactical nuclear strike on some other country targeted as “the enemy”. The implications of such an action, or more likely, the threat of it, are horrendous for the population of the central belt of Scotland.

Living in an area which has a huge target sign pinned to it on many strategic maps around the globe, which houses the base where they store the weapons of mass murder that the UK leases from America at huge public expense, far away from the seat of British power, the people of the most densely populated area in Scotland would be right to feel a wee bit nervous.

Then we’ve had a visit north from Jeremy Corbyn, who tells us that Scotland is too wee, too poor and too…….. you know the rest, and have heard it many times (sigh). C’mon Jezza, what a disappointment you are. We expected better. “Turbo-charged austerity” the leader of the New/Old/ Socialist/ No we’re not/cloned Tory party says would be the outcome of a self-governing Scotland, before going on to slaughter the SNP for refusing to raise income tax rates, passing on Tory cuts to Scots, and not playing ball with Brexit. This from the leader of the party that in Westminster have voted with, or abstained from doing harm to, so many Tory government decisions that they could often be mistaken as being members of the same party.

Some of us had a vague feeling that Jeremy Corbyn would be honourable in his views and respect the democratic will of the people of Scotland. Turns out he’s just another Union at all costs politician. Labour in Scotland, all but extinct, are going down like the Trumpet presidency’s press secretary’s credibility rating, hurtling towards oblivion.

As if all of that wasn’t enough we have the strange case of the misfiring missile during testing of the aforementioned leased weapons of mass death, in June last year, shortly before the extortionate public expense of renewing the programme which feeds the ego of the UK establishment’s small man syndrome was debated in parliament. This debate resulted in a successful vote to spend over 40billion pounds to renew Trident. Thankfully the missile concerned was not armed, and there is no absolutely no truth, real or of the Trump variety, in the rumour that it is still flying and was last seen passing the chippy in Ardrossan, and turning out to sea. No, it apparently “safely” came to earth somewhere around about Florida, (not Mount Florida thankfully).

Now bearing in mind that 58 of Scotland’s 59 MPs, minus the sycophantic fluffmeister, voted for obvious reasons, against the renewal of nuclear weapons, you could see why the Scottish government might just be a teensy weensy bit miffed at information regarding a missile launched from a submarine flying around in ever decreasing circles like a firework at Hogmanay being suppressed just before an important vote on its renewal.

What did the sleekit eyed UK Premier know? When did she know it? Did she deliberately fail to disclose the pre post-truth facts? Who knows if we will ever find out but she did a rare job of dingying Andrew Marr on the subject. Asked a direct question several times as to whether she knew about the incident she did everything to avoid answering bar read him the weekend’s winning lottery numbers, displaying her penchant for a bit of manipulation of the truth. Something they’ll be able to identify as having in common when she goes off to start her relationship of right-wing mutual admiration with her transatlantic new best friend on Friday.

Somebody please confirm soon that we have credible evidence that a majority of Scots are now in favour on independence before she picks up some of his habits and tells us that 5 million Scots- period wish to remain in the warm embrace of new age British nationalism.

Independence is Scotland’s only hope. It’s time to get out.image


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