“An Independent, Self-Governing UK”

Today is the day when we will have it confirmed exactly how much influence the increasingly right-wing of the Conservative Party has over the current UK government. The various leaks to the media (we now virtually know precisely what Theresa May is going to say in her speech, everything apart from when she will cough, pause to pass some of that copious spare wind that must surely be swirling around about her person, and when she’ll do that unnerving shifty eyed thing that she does) tell us that a hard rain is undoubtedly going to fall.

Buoyed by their buffoonish orange-faced president elect cheerleader’s offer to throw them a biscuit, a ‘quick’ free trade deal with post-truth America (something that they can use to make voters believe that all will be well) they are poised to step off the cliff, like cultists expecting wee Martians to catch them midair and wheech them off to eternal life on a distant planet.

Proudly talking of her aspirations of a “great global trading nation that is respected around the world” what Theresa May really means is that her government will sook up to America, like they always do, and ride on their coat tails as the openly aggressive new regime try to bully as much of the western world, and beyond, into doing what they want, including Europe.

May is subtler than Trumpet perhaps, who if he was in her position would be saying that he’s building a wall from Dover to Dounreay, and Angela Merkel is forking out for it, but that’s what she means. For ‘respect’ read the word ‘feared’. What a joke. EU leaders will have a gala day tying them up in knots. Intimidated they won’t be.

Breathtakingly Theresa May is calling for an “Independent, self-governing UK”. Sticks in the throat a bit that one, doesn’t it? Here Scotland, says’ Theresa, let me jam it right in tae ye.

Independent and self-governing from who? The European Union has no control over the United Kingdom, and never has had. Decisions they make are able to be vetoed by the member states. The protections the European Union provide in terms of employment and human rights are essential, and when they go heaven help the people of the UK who don’t have a bob or two.

Seeing beyond the propaganda, a study carried out a few years ago showed, opposite to what the Daily Mail would tell you, that the European Court of Justice, just as one example, overturns on average only around one percent of UK government decisions that are brought before them. That won’t have changed much, if at all.

It’s clearly all about immigrants, entirely. This whole right- wing Tory, UKIP EU campaign to demonise the EU is about controlling immigration, and they are now willing to destroy the UK economy on the basis of their xenophobia.

She’ll talk about fairness, fairness for whom? Fairness for the elite 1% who will get even richer on the strength of concerted efforts, as part of an amended TTIP, to hoover vast sums of money out of the public sector and in to the hands of those fully invested in a new transatlantic partnership. Everyone else watch out. Someone once said that the UK exists now simply as a mechanism solely to transfer money from the many to the few. If you thought that poverty and the gap between the rich and the rest is bad now, just wait until EU membership is a dim distant memory.

Currency markets are rocky and business leaders are already ducking for cover at the prospects of the UK’s approach at diplomatic negotiations with the EU involving a simple strategy of going in with size ten tackety boots. The Chancellor Philip Hammond has already hinted at making threats to soon-to-be former EU partners, who he thinks should agree to demands for favorable trading arrangements or else. They are living in the Twilight Zone. It’s like a runaway train with no brakes heading for a brick wall.

She’ll talk too about being “united at home.” That’s a cracker. How is it possible to be united when her and her government entirely disregard the views of a so-called equal partner, in what is supposed to be a union, but really never has been? Does she arrogantly think that offering Scotland a few sweeteners here and there around the likes of devolved powers over fishing will make the Scots shut up and become compliant with the brave new fortress Britannia strategy? She must. Mind you I forgot, we’re too wee, too stupid and too gullible, she thinks.

After all that has gone before, all the work that has been done to seek respect for the democratic will of the people of Scotland, to protect Scotland from economic disaster, today will be looked at in future as the day that sealed the deal. Scotland will be independent, and quicker than many thought possible after September 2014.image


One thought on ““An Independent, Self-Governing UK”

  1. How right you were about how RIGHT they are Ally. This, to me, was the defining moment. That moment when finally all pretence of respect, consultation, partnership, was dashed on the slab of BrexitFarageImmigationRacismIntolerance. And it almost comes with a sense of relief. A relief that we will not be a member of such a ‘Union’ for that much longer.
    My major concern is that we haven’t yet quite mobilised our forces to prevent the wrecking of years of unionised labour freedoms; human rights; NHS accessibilities.
    These hard won jewels are at threat from a myopic magpie world of Maggie May malfeasance.
    We can’t allow this to drag on.
    The consequences are dire.


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