The Big Mistake

Andrew Marr: “First Minister, you’ve said that your government is offering Westminster what you say is a compromise, but that we should be under no illusions, and in no doubt, that if the Prime Minister decides to adopt a hard Brexit approach, you will ask the people of Scotland to reconsider independence within the period of the UK’s Brexit withdrawal, Is that right?”

Nicola Sturgeon: “Absolutely Andrew. The people of Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union. I am offering a compromise to try and meet the UK government half way. However I have no further knowledge today than I had on the morning of 24 June last year about the UK government’s intentions going forward on this issue, other than the bland statement that Brexit means Brexit. Whatever that means. I am obviously therefore very sceptical about their strategy, and as we’ve seen recently, my fears have been backed up by the resignation of the UK Ambassador to the EU, who has made scathing comments about “muddled thinking’ amongst Tory ministers on this matter. “

Andrew Marr: “ Are you saying then that you don’t think that they have a plan in place?”

Nicola Sturgeon: “Yes I am.”

Andrew Marr: “What makes you say that?”

Nicola Sturgeon: “As you know, myself and Mike Russell, along with representatives of the Welsh and Northern Irish governments, attended a meeting of the Joint Ministerial Committee at 10 Downing Street in October for an update on Brexit planning, and to discuss our views and concerns. At that meeting Theresa May and her ministers were evasive and employed some pretty extraordinary tactics to ensure that we left the meeting as un-informed as when we walked in.”

Andrew Marr: ” How do you mean? Within the bounds of confidentiality, of course, can you be more specific?”

Nicola Sturgeon: “Well, let me put it this way Andrew, after the obligatory media photo call before the meeting Theresa May and her Brexit team excused themselves, saying they all needed a short comfort break, and left the rest of us alone with Larry, the Downing Street cat, for an hour before we realised they weren’t coming back. Curiously, as we sat there, we all thought there was something funny about the large portrait of Baroness Thatcher that hangs on the wall. It’s eyes seem to follow you around the room. Also, at one point, I thought I saw what looked like David Davis sneaking past the cabinet room window, into the carpark, wearing a false moustache and a policeman’s hat.

Andrew Marr: “Oh dear. Theresa May will be watching the show. Is there one thing you’d like to say to her?”

Nicola Sturgeon: “Oh dear indeed. Yes. Don’t disregard Scotland. If you do, you are making a big mistake.”


One thought on “The Big Mistake

  1. It seems Mrs May has no intention of telling anyone what she is doing apart from Brexit means Brexit.
    Well let’s be clear Scotland voted to remain in the union as it was the only way to remain in the eu. Wm insisted they would Vito our membership of the eu. Well Scotland voted 62%
    So let’s consider Scottish Exit (Sexit)


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