Much Ado About Nothing

Were the assembled Scottish media no’ listening the other week when First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon stood before them at a podium and launched her government’s proposals to protect Scotland, and the rest of the UK’s, place in the EU, (should they choose to take her up on it), or does it just take a wee bit of time for information tae sink in on planet propaganda?

Were they no’ paying attention either on the day after the Daily Mail, the right wing of the Tory party, and Nigel Farage, convinced the general population of England and Wales that it’s aw Jock and Janey Foreigner’s fault, when she stood before them providing her government’s public assurances to EU citizens living and working in Scotland, and highlighting the fact that Scotland voting to remain in the EU, and therefore potentially bring forcibly removed from the trading bloc against its will, represented a material change in circumstances?

Nicola Sturgeon’s interview on Good Morning Scotland has generated a frenzy of ‘Indy referendum off, she’s giving in, she’s calling it off, she knows she won’t win, the polls says so (who the feck believes polls these days after Trumpet and Brexit, if you ever believed them in the first place).

Without the unionist spin, in reality the First Minister of Scotland is saying nothing at all different to what she’s been saying since June last year. She is actively investigating all possible avenues to protect Scotland’s place in the European Union. The proposals that she put to Prime Minister Theresa May’s government in December, hard copies of which have been cut neatly into squares and recycled in the executive washrooms of Downing Street, clearly seek to convince the Tories to step away from the brink of a hardline divorce from its European partners, or face the consequences of splitting the UK.

Nicola Sturgeon’s view has not changed, and she said nothing during the GMS interview that could be construed as suggesting otherwise. In the face of the 1950’s Ealing comedy that is the UK Government Brexit ‘plan’ the Scottish government are playing their hand beautifully, being reasonable to an unquestionable level, proposing compromise, suggesting mutual ways forward, offering solutions, edging forward all the time, knowing that they are pushing the Westminster comedy club further into a corner. The biggest disadvantage the London government has in its dealings with Scotland is its arrogant dismissiveness of its ‘partner’.

Nicola Sturgeon knows full well that Westminster has no intention of paying any attention to her compromise proposals and will instead approach Brexit with an air of inflated superiority, which will be its downfall in negotiations with former partners in Europe. When that happens she can clearly and honestly demonstrate to the people of Scotland that she tried her best to protect their democratic wishes with regards to membership of the EU whilst remaining in the UK, without success, leaving only one inevitable alternative, clearly the best solution for Scotland, independence.

Westminster have been warned, but to them we are too wee, too poor, and too stupid, so they’ll ignore it, at their peril.


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