The Wooden Horse

You get the idea, following BabyboxGate, that if Nicola Sturgeon was to wander into the Amazonian rainforest and discover, from a lost tribe, that the cure for the horrible blight that curses humankind was to be found in a serum produced from ant saliva, there would still be headlines in the unionist mainstream media like ‘Fury as Sturgeon triggers world overpopulation mayhem’ or ‘SNP spark share price crisis for pharmaceutical giants.’

What is wrong with these people? Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, political capital must be attempted to be made out of every possible situation. Incredibly this credo even applies to a pilot project designed to reduce infant mortality and improve the health and wellbeing of mothers and small children in Scotland. Any decision taken, any policy adopted, any statement made, any aspiration striven for, by the very nature of the fact that they come from the SNP must indeed mean that they are Baaaaaaad. How pathetic and red, white and blue blinkered they are.

Do they really think the people of Scotland button up the back? I assume they must because they treat them like they do. Putting choice in its most basic form and in plain language the people of Scotland have a crunch decision to make. Not today, maybe not tomorrow, but certainly within the next two to three years.

What is it you really want for your country? Do you want to be sure that if at some point, or even now, you don’t have a ready bob or two, that when you are ill, or heaven forbid seriously ill, you can go and get those prescriptions the doctor gave you to help cure or manage your illness, or take away the pain, without wondering if you’ll have enough left to buy food or pay the gas bill? Do you want to be sure that your weans at the primary school are getting a healthy meal at lunchtime? Those aspirations you have for them to go on tae university if they stick in or to learn a trade, do you want those opportunities for them to continue, for them to have a better life, without the barrier of fees?

Do you want to continue to live in a country where the people running the show have absolutely nothing in common with you, people whose idea of poverty, or doing without, is not being able to afford the salary of a second gardener for their tennis court, people whose only experience of Scotland involves wandering around the hills shooting the wildlife, whilst being waited on hand and foot by what they consider to be servants.

When considering how your country is governed do you understand the difference between reserved powers and devolved powers? Do you realise that when the media tells you that the Scottish government are in financial strife that in actual fact the Scottish government have very limited powers over the financial levers which control the economy? Do you realise that Westminster retains all of these, and that Scotland has only peripheral control of some taxes, and has only just been handed powers over some welfare benefits, which when fully devolved will still only cover around 15% of the total benefit spend in Scotland? London will still pull all of the strings.

What’s your view on the fact that your country is used as the strategic base for the United Kingdom’s weapons of mass death? Weapons which if they were ever used would put Hitler, Stalin and Mao at the back of the queue when it comes to genocide. These weapons are stored a stone’s throw from Glasgow and the rest of the central belt. If there was an accident, a terrorist incident, or a strike from a foreign power much of the population of Scotland would be in mortal danger. Christ, an auld gent and a student halted a convoy of nuclear missiles on Dumbarton Road in the shadow of Stirling Castle for twenty minutes a few months ago! These weapons are kept far away from the seat of power, and the population of the south of England for a reason, because in the grand scheme of things, if it came to the crunch, in their minds Scotland is expendable. Do you think that this is acceptable? Is it a wonder that 56 of the 59 MP’s from Scotland at Westminster want these terrible weapons removed from Scotland? Why would you not?

There is no credible argument against Scotland’s independence. Currently, as has been the case for many years, the wealth of Scotland benefits another larger country who in their benevolence gives Scotland some of their own money back. Scotland has been massively underinvested in for decades, and in particular since the Thatcher driven planned demise of its heavy industries.

All of the regular statistical beatings around the head in the likes of GERS are designed specifically to make Scots feel that Scotland is too wee, too poor and too stupid to be like any other mature country in the world, self-governing. The curse of having a major resource in Scotland’s waters, and its unpredictable price, is spun to justify a reason why Scotland couldn’t possibly govern itself, this from a ruling power which has systematically mismanaged billions of pounds in tax revenue for over 40 years from the same resource, bailing out their corporate chums, funding neoliberal policies and privatisation, placing yet more wealth which should have benefited the many into the hands of the few. The focus is always on carving up the basket case which is the UK’s financial position, and apportioning a lump of their debt baggage to Scotland. The true position is that they would be financially bolloxed without Scottish resources and exports.

Five years down the line from independence people will look back and think what the fuck was that all about, why didn’t we do this sooner?

The biggest con trick since a large wooden horse full of Greeks was wheeled through a set of city gates is coming to an end, sometime soon.




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