You Reap What You Sow

Well there you have it. It appears that it hasn’t taken long for us to find out the answer to the question about whether the UK is a partnership of equals.

Anxious to be seen to be quicker off the mark at rubbishing Scotland than any previous modern day UK Prime Minister (it’s important to her at the moment to look as if she is in control), and impressively beating David Cameron’s September 19 2014 EVEL speech, on the morning he and George Osborne danced the macarena back over the threshold in to 10 Downing Street shouting “ Mug punters” to anyone who would listen, Theresa May gave Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon a good three hour start before completely disregarding publicly the proposals the Scottish government has submitted for the UK government’s consideration to protect Scotland’s interests in Europe, and in doing so, again entirely disrespected the democratic will of the people of Scotland.

Rumours are also unconfirmed that the 100 hard copies of the 50 odd page document “ Scotland’s place in Europe” which were delivered in London, just as First Minister Sturgeon rose to make her speech to the assembled press pack at Bute House in Edinburgh, have been recycled by a scissor wielding junior flunky in David Davis’s team, who has stoutly ensured that the various water closets within the bounds of Downing Street will be well stocked with paper this festive season (glossy paper for glossy bums). Apparently it was a pleasant distraction for the poor chap. As a member of the dynamic UK government Brexit planning team he and his colleagues, with nothing else to do, have been colouring in black and white posters of Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, the Duke of Wellington, and other such notable symbols of their glorious world, with red, white and blue pencils, and running competitions to see who can make a paper Spitfire which flies the furthest, for some months now.

We can conclude from the two-fingered salute pointed north from London over the last forty-eight hours that Brexit still means Brexit, It’s still a red, white and blue Brexit, It’s still all about an all over broad-shouldered team UK Brexit, and that any comments made by the Prime Minister of the UK, or members of her government, or representatives of her political party in Scotland, about listening and taking into consideration any proposals or views of “partner’ devolved parliaments, are entirely disingenuous, and simply uttered to suggest a spirit of partnership which does not in fact exist.

In addition, unsurprisingly, we can also conclude that the UK government are playing to their long-established form, deploying a ‘diplomatic’ tool they have utilised to their advantage (and sometimes not) for many years, and in many countries, the threat. Theresa May said yesterday, during a meeting of the Commons Liaison Committee, that an independent Scotland would be outside, banished from the single market of the UK, which she suggested is worth four times as much to Scotland as the single market of the European Union.

What absolute guff, pure Project Fearty stuff. The complexity involved in disentangling current long-established trading partnerships within the UK built up over generations and realigning companies who have branches all over the UK, if this was ever remotely to be considered, in comparison would make the current Brexit negotiations seem as simple as organising a children’s picnic, to absolutely no one’s advantage, likely causing a recession on a withering scale. Aye right Prime Minister, pull the other one.

Ms May also said yesterday, after dismissing the Scottish government proposals, that “ If the SNP succeeded (in gaining independence)it would leave Scotland isolated, outside the EU, and outside the European single market” which is simply spiteful arrogant nonsense, with no basis in fact. Her country won’t even be a member of the EU trading bloc by then. She has no mandate to speak for them. The way the Prime Minister of the UK is currently going about her business she is going to find out in the not too distant future that you reap what you sow.

It is coming.


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