Oh beneficent herder and informer of the masses, safe protector of the State, Auntie Beeb, please pull the other one, it has tartan bunnets hanging from it.

In the run up to the Scottish Government setting out its draft budget later this week your online news report on the Scottish Tories being unhappy about plans to not follow the lead of Westminster, by not giving higher earners a tax cut, is a head-shaker, and must surely be a portent of further Project Fearty doomsday warnings to come. Please try adding a bit of context in your articles now and again, just a teensy wee bit here and there.

It is clear that over the next few days we’re set to be treated to a vision of Scottish businesses upping sticks and hightailing it south to avoid a socialist super-state, whose dull and colourless city streets are cleared of snow by beetroot-eating former members of the elite intellectual class and political dissidents. A nanny nation parting highly skilled innovators and experts in important fields from their cash, leaving them in penury, and the country itself bereft of any form of meaningful or enterprising work, apart from zero hours contracted shelf-stacking in shops selling trainers produced cheaply and exploitatively in the third world but marketed expensively to the rest of the world by sales executives from the land of Trump.

Yes, it is true, shout it loud, the Scottish government are shortly to implement a change to Scotland’s tax system which will mean that its tax rates will be different from the rest of the UK. Hallelujah! Let’s hope it’s only one of many such changes, and generates yet further evidence, if any was needed, it isn’t, that Scotland is indeed a country in its own right, and more than able to make its own decisions, decisions which benefit the people of Scotland.

See all of this parrot-fashion fabricated nonsense you hear constantly from the likes of David Mundell and London Tories about Scotland having the most devolved powers in the whole devolved world of arewe not men, we are Devo, devolvedness, and “It’s high time they used these devolved powers instead of complaining”. Well, guess what? Within the boundaries of the limited hamstringing powers they’ve deemed to let loose from Westminister it’s going to happen.

As for the plan itself to not give higher earners the wee tax cut that’ll helps the Tories massage the bellies of their support in middle England, it is hardly earth shattering and relatively minor in its impact, although, encouragingly, it is a start. You won’t get that impression from Reporting Scotland for the next while though. SNPBAD alarm bells will be ringing out all over the parish.

Auntie Beeb why not, just for a wee change, compare and contrast, if only briefly, or even just n the passing, during your attempts to frighten the people of Scotland, the expected consequences for Scotland’s business sector of the recent UK referendum result? A referendum prompted by the head office of the same political party who are doing the whining about Scottish tax plans, a party so frightened of their scary right-wing faction defecting to the even scarier righter than right Faragists that to placate them they called the referendum that has created the upcoming Brexitastrophe in the first place.

The Tories and Murdo Fraser, who on Twitter recently compared the Yes Movement in Scotland to supporters of Donald Trump, have a hard neck (never stopped them before) calling out Scotland on the potential damage to businesses of a decision to not pass on a tax cut. Wait until you see what happens when they stop EU citizens coming to live and work in Scotland, and access to the EU single market for Scottish businesses disappears. That is, of course, in the event that Scexit from the UK hasn’t happened by then.


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