Congratulations, and much kudos, to the team behind the documentary’ London calling, BBC bias during the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum’ from the original book by GA Ponsonby.

I’ve watched it twice.It’s on YouTube. If you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth an hour of your time. From the offset, the first scene of a BBC studio talking head getting in about Alex Salmond, dismissing even the very possibility of Scots even being interested in self-determination, as a supporter of independence for Scotland, it made me squirm.

As the methodical presentation of various clear examples of bias and misinformation, the protection of the British State, unfold on the screen you go through the emotions, the frustrations, the anger, of how it felt at the time. The daily bombardment of negativity, fabrication and often false statements designed to spread worry and fear of change, including the infamous Nick Robinson “Alex Salmond didn’t answer” incident, and the creation by the state of an entirely false grassroots No organisation,through a PR company, which was later proven not to actually exist.

A very interesting watch, highlighting the institutionalised self-protectionist behaviour, both conscious and unconscious, of an organisation which had previously been considered by many to be reasonably impartial.

I wouldn’t expect this documentary to cause any dramatic damascene conversions but surely any fair and open-minded previous No Voters, not of the hardline Proud Scot Unionist variety (they’ll never change) at least must start to question what they are being fed as news and political commentary after watching this. It needs to be shared far and wide.

Well done, the author, the contributors and the production team. A great example of exactly why Scotland needs to have its own national broadcasting service.


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