Consilium Et Concordia

….And it’s Wolffe in the tartan shorts with a left, then a right, then an upper cut….. out of condition, trying to re-live past glories, with some real chancers in the corner, and with no real clue how to go forward, on the ropes…. Can Brexit get out of this one?

“The 309-year-old Act of Union prevents the UK Government from triggering Brexit without consulting MPs and MSPs, the Supreme Court has heard. Giving evidence in a historic legal challenge over Brexit this morning, Lord Advocate James Wolffe QC argued that the legislation that created the United Kingdom gives power to alter laws in Scotland to Westminster, not the crown.

Mr Wolffe was referring to a passage in the Act of Union which states: “all other laws in use within the Kingdom of Scotland do, after the Union and notwithstanding, thereof remain in the same force as before, but alterable by the Parliament of Great Britain.” He has also argued that conventions, established when the Scottish Parliament was created,require any legislation affecting devolved matters passed by Westminster must be approved by Holyrood through a legislative consent motion.”…..(The Hootsmon)

Boom!……. At last something about the Act of Union to be thankful for. Let’s hope it’s persuasive.


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