Union At All Costs

The undiluted blind loyalty of unswerving Union at all costs career-minded Scottish politicians continues apace.

Supporters of the party of Scottish Government, and the rest of us in the wider movement for self-determination for Scotland, are often described as blinkered and one track. The readers of one of the journalistic champions of red, white and blue describe us regularly as a ‘cult’. I notice too just recently we’ve been delightfully likened in the same readers section, to being the “Jakey class”, which I suppose fits in with Murdo Fraser’s opinion of us. They always like to look down on others, the “Proud-Scot-buts” who contribute to such publications. It helps them work out the precise level of superiority they need to employ in any given situation.

However the regularity with which the representatives of the parties which are voted into their seats at Holyrood by these intellectual giants want to talk about the SNP and independence referendums is monotonous. It seems to cloud their view on all things political in Scotland.

The latest manifestation of this was in response to comments made by former First Minister Alex Salmond yesterday, comments making perfect sense, when he described a constitutional crisis over Brexit being possibly an ‘ extremely good thing for Scotland”. How could it not be? Currently the Westminster government has not the slightest interest in anything a devolved Holyrood government, which represents a country where 62% of those who voted in June’s Brexit referendum did so to remain in the European Union, has to say.

As they see it we had our referendum in 2014, we were gullible enough to fall for the fright night scenarios and snake oil sales pitch, so we should just shut up. As far as our ‘partner’ at Westminster is concerned they’ll never need to work too hard to pretend they are interested in us again, as long as we keep letting them take our resources, and they carry on being the main beneficiary of the revenue from our main exports, instead of us. Oh, and as long as we continue to let them dump their scary toys near where the majority of our population lives.

Their spineless branch managers, isolated from the mothership, but hoping for a call home at some point, perhaps in ermine, unable to think for themselves or comment out-with the bounds of the weekly approved phrases memo from headquarters, do absolutely anything they can to protect a unionist position even to the point, unforgivably, of ignoring the democratic will of their own people.

If the learned judges of the Supreme Court decide to uphold the decision that those charged with implementing Brexit need the consent of parliament to start the three ringed circus off, and that this process will also require the consent of the Scottish Parliament of course that puts First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in a strong negotiating position. It does so because the Tories are going to want something from her, her government’s consent. We might even see the saltire trying to fight its way out of being hoisted up the pole in Downing Street again, and celebrities singing “ We love you Scotland’ in Trafalgar Square once more. When they need Scotland to agree to something this time threats will not work. That’s when negotiations will get very interesting.

Kezia Dugdale says that both the Tories and the SNP are putting the union at risk, and that “more than ever, we have two governing parties in Scotland that are out of step with what the majority of people in Scotland want,” Aye, that’s right Kez. That’s why the majority of the people of Scotland voted for your party at the last general election… Oh wait…They didn’t…..See though if you’d backed self-government, an independent Labour Party of Scotland, with real social democratic views, not plastic careerist mini-me Tories, what a force for good in a progressive thinking independent Scotland your party could have been. That’s a shame. Or perhaps it’s shameful that you are not.

The Scottish Tory Chief Whip John Lamont, stepping in after his leader fell off her tank when she got a verbal skelping from Nicola Sturgeon over the weekend, reckons the whole thing is an evil separatist plot, and “perhaps explains why the SNP didn’t bother campaigning hard during the EU referendum”. What a load of nonsense. 62% of the vote in Scotland went to the side of the debate that the SNP campaigned for. Is he criticizing the fact that it wasn’t 90%? That’ a real solid candidate for nonsensical SNPBAD comment of the month.

The leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie, when asked for a comment rather predictably gave his considered view, “What they said”.

What a miserable bunch of poor excuses for elected representatives. Servants of the people? Which people? Scotland can do oh so much better.


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