Moving Up To The Start Line

Nutt, that’s it. We’ve had enough. We want independence right now, in fact yesterday.

I propose a national day of positive protest called Hug a No Voter. Get oot there folks, grab yer nearest No Voter, in fact grab two, whether they are sitting next tae ye at the breakfast table taking the top aff an egg, or perhaps are at the next workstation across from you at the work, an old school pal perhaps, the gasman, yer uncle Billy, grab them, gie them a big brotherly or sisterly squeeze and say, “Please, Please, for the love of goodness, gonnae change your mind?”

We’ve tried everything else. We tiptoe through seemingly never-ending periods of negative, inaccurate, often completely false, and just downright misleading media nonsense and witch hunts by trying to point to the actual facts (from reputable and unequivocal sources) rather than the output of the Ministry of Propaganda.

We have dozens of excellent commentators extolling the virtues of a society where the people in control of the cashbox would actually have the interests of that society in mind, people like Robin McAlpine, Paul Kavanagh, Derek Bateman, Lesley Riddoch, Andrew Tickell, Carolyn Leckie, Michael Greenwell, Pat Kane, Michael Gray, Alan Bissett, Richard Walker, Mike Small, Angela Haggerty, Billy Kay, Iain MacWhirter, just to name a few. Bright smart people, no’ dafties. We’ve even got the fellow in Bath who provides a sterling service with excellent ripostes to much of the false negative guff about us being too wee, too poor, and too gullible.

We’ve a newspaper, that’s just turned two, The National. A paper that actually, and refreshingly, provides a bit of actual analysis of the news as it impacts Scotland. It’s value, even on a symbolic level, should never be under-rated.

All of the information that these folks generate and communicate, which will make Scotland a self-determining country, is easily available and accessible. The big challenge is getting more people interested enough to access that information, question it, compare it with how Scotland is currently governed, and at least then be aware that there is a viable alternative. We’re no’ doing this because we are aw ‘mad nationalists wae blue painted faces.’ There is a point to this. We in the Yes Movement all believe passionately that our children and grandchildren will have a better life, and better opportunities, in an independent Scotland.

We’ve a grassroots movements that’s so impressive that it would make your hair stand on end, just itching tae get started, getting restless, by far our biggest asset in the coming months. When that juggernaut starts to move you will hear the roar coming from the north as far south as Whitehall, and nothing will stop it. But naw, let’s get out and Hug a No Voter. That’ll do it…………

Nicola, when yer ready First Minister…..


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