Sign Of The Times

The world is going to hell under a nicotine stain coloured hair weave, in a gold plated golf cart. Bigger than any catastrophe movie ever seen, a blockbuster available to a global audience on a TV screen near you from 20 January 2017. It’s a worry.

Emboldened by the rise of right wing populism in North America extreme right wing groups throughout Europe stir and agitate, some making significant gains as they head towards parliamentary elections over the next two years. It’s a worry.

In the UK the Tories don’t have the first of the first clues what they are going to do once the 27 remaining European Union countries say ‘so long. farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye’ after they receive the clearest missive of forthcoming disaster since Chamberlain opened an envelope enclosing an autographed photo of a dictator of another era, with the words ‘ I promise not to invade Poland’ pencilled in at the bottom. It’s a worry.

The only negotiating tactic the forces of Tory Brexitopia seem to want to utilise with their soon to be former European colleagues is to make arrogant sweeping demands, when clearly they are not in any position to do so. They are so out of touch. It’s a worry.

The tax payers of the current UK have been advised that in these times of austerity they must again put their hands in their pocket to ensure that the most privileged family in the country, multi-millionaires, are kept in a manner that they and their ancestors before them, have become very accustomed to, to the tune of three hundred and sixty odd million pounds, and perhaps maybe a new yacht on the side. It’s a worry.

Somehow the same Tory government manage to sneak into law, under the cover of the current political chaos, the most sinister and privacy invasive measures available to a government ever seen, described by Edward Snowden as “ the UK has just legalised the most extreme surveillance in the history of western democracy. It goes further than many autocracies.” It’s a worry.

Screaming Lord Farage of Xenophobia plans to lead a jackbooted horde of 100,000 dreepy-knuckled high achievers in storming the Supreme Court in an attempt to undermine, and influence the decision of, the independent judiciary of a supposedly free democratic society. It’s a worry.

The cabal of useless unionist career conscious leaders of the Scottish Parliament who wouldn’t vote to agree that tomorrow follows today if Nicola Sturgeon proposed it, in case it’s a nasty underhand backdoor route to independence, not interested in protecting the people of Scotland, continue to have the backbone of the lesser dappled Mauritian jellyfish….. They are a worry, a nonentity, but a worry.

But hey Humza, get those trains running on time wee man……


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