Well Deserved Gideon

That’s smashing tae hear that the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Daddy’s big in carpets, George Gideon Oliver Osborne, has been made a member of the Order of The Companions of Honour at an investiture on Friday by Prince William at Buckingham Palace.

Splendid. Mr Osborne receives this great honour for his work in………wait for it……. political and public service. Just think about that for a minute. It’s the equivalent of awarding Hannibal Lector the brass cup for Best Lorne Sausage at the annual Great British Butchers Awards.

Having only ever had that one cabinet post, since 2010, this member of the over privileged elite spent the next six years wildly forecasting that his withering austerity measures, slashing public services and punishing those in society who could least afford it, single parents, the lower waged and disabled, would balance the budget by 2015, then 2017, then 2019 and finally 2020. You wouldnae want him picking your lotto numbers would you?

On the road out, tripping over the front door step at number 11 Downing Street, he was happy to talk of his record on bringing down/keeping down unemployment. This however was only achieved by low wage growth and the rise in zero hours contract types of low security of employment jobs, effectively fudging the figures.

After six years of his prudent hand on the tiller by April this year the UK financial current account was not only worse than it was when he took over but worse than it had ever been since records began, he had sold off more public assets than even occurred in the worst moments of the Thatcher era, £57.7 billions worth, him and his boss had borrowed heavily, vastly beyond the previous government, to the point where the Governor of the Bank Of England was quoted as saying ” relying on the kindness of strangers is not optimal’, the productivity gap between the UK and the rest of the G7 States was the biggest that it’s been since 1991, in the negative, and the UK national debt just before the Brexit night of the long knives was around £1.6 trillion,(heading rapidly to £1. 7 trillion) approximately £ 24,900 for every man, woman and child in the current UK, rising by at least £555 billion since he took over the job.

And we are the financial basket case? “Independence?” Say the naysayers, “We’d be bankrupt!”

The next time GERS gets flung in your face, just remind whoever is flinging it that the the calculations used reflect Scotland’s share, as a region of the current UK, of bailing out the real basket case. An independent Scotland wouldn’t pay a share for huge capital improvements for London or high speed rail systems which don’t go to Scotland, and hopefully won’t have to pay for the catastrophic financial disaster that is coming as a result of Brexit, caused by the xenophobic red,white and blue nationalist chancers that took charge of Gideon’s old office calculator.

Well done George, you fully deserve your award.

Scotland can do oh so much better.


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