Dark Times

Since Wednesday I cannot listen to,or watch, Donald Trump. If his big make-upped fizzer comes unexpectedly onto a screen in front of me I have an overwhelming instinctive urge to curse and then turn the telly off. He brings me out in a rash.

I am entirely opposed to everything he stands for, and although I’ve felt for months that he was going to win the American presidential election, now that he actually has I find myself amazed that he has been able to take so many people in with the let me keep it simple populist vitriol, pointing the finger at ‘the establishment’ that in reality, he’s is so much a part of himself, and of course at any minority he feels he can get away with insulting or threatening.

Like Farage and the Brexit crew element of the Tory government he’s tapped into a rich seam of discontentment and anger, like charismatic pumped up svengalis shouting from the heavens,through slaberry chops,that they are going to ‘take back control’. A right wing elite who make out to the general population, in a mass confidence trick, that they are there to lead them in rebellion against the establishment, the system. In fact all they are doing is taking advantage of vulnerability to control voter attitudes by stage managing fear and resentment so that they can themselves enhance their personal slice of the pie in an already privileged existence.

Farage’s latest comment, amongst very many such examples, describing Barack Obama the other day as a ‘creature’ is outrageous. Where would you even start with Trump? The public mocking of the reporter with a disability was one that still makes me angry. How a man can be allowed to do that and then become President of the United States I have no idea. Even his audience cringed.

It isn’t fascism yet, but fascism doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years incrementally. It begins with individuals promising to make a country great again, to restore pride, to get tough on crime, to banish ‘ undesirables’. Left unchecked it will get there, through years of chipping away at public attitudes, normalising their behaviour and disgusting views and comments, and increasingly, where the public let them get away with falsely pointing the finger at groups they vilify.

It’s coming in France and Austria and other European countries too. It must be stopped in its tracks. Trump winning in America has sent a signal to far right extremists that the stars are in alignment for them to come to the fore.The first to congratulate the President Elect was Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far right Front National who tweeted ‘ Their world is collapsing. Ours is being built.’

It’s all right saying politics isnae your thing, it’s boring, that you keep out of it, here’s a picture of my cat, and you would rather watch the X Factor, but sometime soon, and that day is coming, we’ll all have to make a choice. It has world wide implications. If you ignore the actions of these evil people you enable them.

I suppose it is darkly ironic, on this the day of Armistice, that the freedoms that so many made the ultimate sacrifice to protect, are those same freedoms that are now, in 2016, overtly being attacked once more. Evil is rearing its head in broad daylight.

If it gets to the point when your sister or brother get pointed at in the street or the pub because they are lesbian or gay, or your pal who you went to primary school with, who is a slightly different colour of skin from you, gets called a black b*****d in the street, or your next door neighbours, who are Muslim, get dog shite splattered on their letterbox, and the words ‘ Go home ‘ spray painted on their wall, well it’s too late then.


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