Stepping Over The Line

So there we have it. Scotland booted squarely in the nuts yet again.

As if the recent bullying partner, cat and mouse act, playing Scots for mugs, as usual, on ‘conditional’ MOD warship contracts by the Westminster government wasn’t enough to enrage those with a memory longer than five minutes, and give the ‘I’m a proud Scot but’s’ something else to delude themselves with, as they drone on endlessly about the loving embrace of ‘safe and secure broad shoulders’, the decision, without any prior consultation with Scotland’s devolved government, to reduce Scotland’s defence estate by 20% is a massive blow for the country. This after years of reductions and cuts as a result of defence reform.

How disrespectful to the people of Scotland is that? A fifth of Scotland’s defence facilities binned, including Glencorse Barracks, Penicuik, Redford Barracks, Edinburgh and the historic Fort George.

MOD Caledonia in Rosyth is also to go, marking the demise of the Navy’s historic presence in Fife. Do you remember all of that Belters Together rubbish about military and defence jobs being safer within the union? What a load of manure that turned out be.

John Swinney, in his role as Deputy First Minister, is looking for answers on why this decision has been made, and with no consultation. I suspect the Ministry of Defence’s phone line to Sir Michael Fallon will be as difficult to get an answer on, if your phoning from a number in Scotland, as David Davis’s Brexit line. They really should get somebody to look into that. Maybe they haven’t paid the line rental since George Osborne blagged the piggy bank on the way oot.

These people really know how to take the piss to the absolute limit they can get away with. The negative economic impact on communities around Scotland that this will have is dreadful. There is no thought for the distress of families who’s businesses or employment rely on long established connections to MOD facilities. Scots live in a country that doesn’t vote Tory, so they mean nothing, Their prosperity is expendable. The British Government’s arrogance is outrageous.

I tell you what. They can have their small man syndrome toys backs too. The ones they rent from America, which they keep a stones throw away from the most heavily populated area in Scotland. Miles from any possible danger to anyone who might be stuck in the 1950’s, reading the Radio Times, eating scones with special jam, and tut tutting at polish immigrants offering to clean their windows.

They will test the people of Scotland only so far before a tipping point arrives.

Scotland can most certainly do much better.


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