Special Arrangements

Moves are to be made to protect the City of London from strife by getting it a special Brexit deal. No stone is to be left unturned in the quest to ensure the city continues to have favourable access to EU markets. Boris Johnson might even comb his hair. After all it is London, innit.

In order to negate the possibility that Brexit messes up the peace process ,or invalidates the “Good Friday Agreement”, ways are to be found to ensure that the island of Ireland doesn’t require a hard border between the north and south once the UK leaves the European Union. Yet the mere mention of self-government for Scotland invokes Project Fear images of searchlights, barbed wire fences, watchtowers and crabbit German Shepherds.

Japanese car manufacturers with plants in northern England, have had nods, winks, and noses tapped in their direction to assure them that once Brexit is implemented Westminster will do their utmost to ensure that their ability to manufacture and trade in the single market without additional tariffs, as they currently do, will not be impacted. Meanwhile projections suggest that initially 80,000 jobs are in danger in Scotland as a direct consequence of Brexit.

Due to an ageing population Scotland requires at least 25,000 immigrants per year to settle, contribute and pay taxes, just to remain economically stable, not to grow, just to stand still. 62% of Scottish voters voted to remain in the European Union which allows freedom of movement for European citizens to do just that. Hard Brexit, imposed undemocratically by Westminster, will drastically impact this, and is not at all in Scotland’s interests. No deal, no special arrangement.

The proportion of over 75’s in Scotland is expected to rise by 80% in the next 20 years, The less people paying taxes, the less money there is for public services, and to pay for the increased level of aged care services which will be required.

A clear example of how much Westminster and the British establishment really value their ‘partner’. Better Together?


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