There will be others who will do a better, more erudite and forensic analysis of Nick Cohen’s bizarre blog for The Spectator yesterday suggesting that the SNP are censoring the Scottish media, but his views certainly require comment.

Does this bloke know that in Scotland only one newspaper provides balanced reporting which takes account of the political views of about half of the population? Does he seriously contend that whichever of the unionist journos who hides behind the pseudonym of ‘Spanner’ to produce the vile hatred that comes out of his social media posts is a good guy because logically he must be, otherwise J K Rowling wouldn’t like him. Really?

Is he aware that the broadcasting media in Scotland is that joined at the hip to big brother and fecked up that it can’t even ring fence contracts for the national team’s vital football matches to terrestrial TV (shite as they may be) so that Scots can actually watch their own country playing sport other than the England matches that are on their TV’s at the same time?

Does he realise how completely mental his assertions that the SNP somehow control STV, frighten the National Union of Journalists, and bully the BBC, sound to people who actually experience the printed and broadcasting media in Scotland? People who have spent years being patronised and having their views ignored, unless those views comply with unionism.

All we want is balance. Even last night we saw the latest example of any possibility of Scotland achieving a modicum of control over its own BBC content being laughed out of Westminster, where it was made clear, during a debate on the subject, that the BBC represents the views “of the nation” full stop. Their nation. Shut up Scotland. Eat your cereal.

I suggest Nick Cohen is talking through a hole in his posterior, and perhaps should stick to commenting on subjects where he isn’t clearly clueless.


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